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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss PUSH got CANNED! in the I Remember... forums; Another piece of the magic dies. On FEBRUARY 7th Disney Spokespersons tried to get ahead of what they called a bad social media rumor that there were no plans to ...
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    PUSH got CANNED!

    Another piece of the magic dies.

    On FEBRUARY 7th Disney Spokespersons tried to get ahead of what they called a bad social media rumor that there were no plans to remove PUSH. Social Media then bashed the Disney Fan site that broke the story.

    But who knows what happened with The Disney Company. On Sunday Disney confirmed what the Fan sight had said, PUSH's last day was Saturday. On Sunday on the the CM's Hub, PUSH was listed as an attraction permanently closed.

    So maybe Disney's spokesperson was just out of the loop. Generally they don't blantely lie to the Orlando Sentinel. " A Disney spokesperson said Friday that there was "nothing to" the rumors and that PUSH "isn't going anywhere."
    Disney says 'nothing to' PUSH the talking trash can rumors - Orlando Sentinel

    And then 3 days later, again to the Orlando Sentinel

    "Three days after Walt Disney World said that PUSH the Talking Trash Can "isn't going anywhere," the resort acknowledged Monday that the popular Magic Kingdom animatronic figure had been removed."

    Lou also has commented to the press about PUSH
    Disney World PUSHes out talking trash can after contract ends with robot's maker - NY Daily News

    PUSH was 19 years old.
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    Re: PUSH got CANNED!

    I hear that there is something up with the patent that Real Simple Ideas has expired because of a clerical issue, so we might see Push come back in another similar form, as Disney would not be infringing on any copyright problems if the patent has expired... this might be a calculated Disney move...
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