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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Most Life Changing Memory? in the I Remember... forums; HI all, I just wanted to see if anyone had any truely life changing experiences in WDW. To start off (and with the anonymity of the internet) I've decide to ...
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    Most Life Changing Memory?

    HI all, I just wanted to see if anyone had any truely life changing experiences in WDW. To start off (and with the anonymity of the internet) I've decide to share mine:

    I was 18 (so about 7 years ago), and was just starting college. I was suffering from a severe case of depression, since I was just miserable in classes. I was seriously contemplating suicide. One morning, I must have got in my car and just driven. I don't even remember driving, I just remember coming to when I arrived at my destination: Magic Kingdom. Now, I lived in Delaware at the time, so we aren't talking about a little one hour drive. It's about 20 hours. I was seriously ready to end my life, but I checked into the Carribean Beach Resort. I guess in my mind, I was going to have "one last hurrah" or something. And I have always been in love with Disney. I've been probably 15 times as of that point. After checking in, I headed right to the Magic Kingdom. And let me tell you, the second I walked under the train station, I was smiling again. I hadn't smiled in months, and all it took was being there to lift my spirits. At that second, I decided to call my parents, and tell them where I was, and what I had planned on doing. They were, naturally, relieved to hear that I was now ok. I spent a few days there enjoying myself and sorting things out. Although I eventually decided college wasn't for me, I think it's safe to say that Walt Disney World probably saved my life.

    *whew* Well, there's my story. Let's hear someone else's!

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    Wow. Thank goodness for WDW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swackiron
    ... I think it's safe to say that Walt Disney World probably saved my life.

    *whew* Well, there's my story. Let's hear someone else's!
    What a moving story!

    Thank God you went looking for that one last happy experience.

    Welcome to DWT.
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    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! Welcome to the boards as well!!!
    This isn't so much my memory as my sisters, but she met her husband at WDW so I guess that sort of changed her life. She is now married with a 1 year old princess.
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    Thanks for sharing that heartfelt story with us. Not really life changing but I can say the first time I saw my children expression of Disney World may me realize that all the stress and unhappiness I had felt before coming down there just fade away. I will admit Disney does wash away any unhappiness that you may have. Even for a little while.

    Welcome to DWT and thanks again for sharing that.


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    Pretty amazing story for you to share with us. Mine isn't as heavy as yours either...but my DH and I spent our Honeymoon there so I guess you could say it started us on our way in our new life together!!!! What better foundation to start building a happy life!?!?

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    When I got proposed to and married at WDW...

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    Wow Swackiron what a great story I'm glad you are doing OK now. I think WDW has helped keep me sane, I am 40 and divorced with no kids but whenever I get the itch I just head up to WDW I live in Ft lauderdale just a few hours away. I have even done long day trips head out early and get home late. Oh and having an Annual Pass helps . But WDW has always been "MY" escape place... yes I have shared it with a few special people and I love showing them MY parks being the Disney nut that I am I am full of all kinds of trivia. WDW is just an escape from reality even i it is just for a day or a few days. I can go there and not have to think about anything outside the gates of WDW.

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    Going to bump this thread up a bit because I think it's a great topic. Swackiron your story is so special and I can relate. No matter what's going on in my life, just walking through the "doors" of one of the parks puts an immediate smile on my face.

    I have so many memories of WDW but the one I think I can call life changing is fairly recent. My husband (fiance' at the time) had never in his life been to WDW. In April 2005 I decided to plan a trip for us. He was 33 at the time and while he was looking forward to going, he (like so many) had this visual of the parks being like a Six Flags type place... lots of rides with people walking around in character suits. I let him continue his thinking so that his days in WDW would truly be a surprise.

    We spent 4 days at the parks... doing them in order of their opening. The first day we hopped on the Monorail at the Ticket and Transportation Center, heading for Magic Kingdom. Immediately I could see the excitement. Within 10 minutes of walking into the park and heading down Main Street I could see the child in him coming out. He was smiling more than I had ever seen and pointing out things like a 5 year old... "Wow, look at that!... Hey look over there!... Ooo can we go on that next?".

    I will forever remember that trip as the time I realized just how incredible it is to let yourself become a kid again.
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    Life Changing Moment....

    Finding out that my lovely wife Had Breast cancer. So all things were put on hold. We are Still in the battle and working toward the right solution but with things like this it really puts life into perspective and Disney into prospective. Now we are waiting for the end of Chemo and more scans to see the good results. Then it is Radiation then more scans then we can Plan for a Disney trip in 2007.
    So we hope for the best.
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    wow... See what WDW can do to people
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