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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Water Show At Epcot in the I Remember... forums; I was wondering if anyone on here rememebrs the old watr boat show they used to have in the lagoon at EPCOT. All I remember were the "bad guys" resembled ...
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    Water Show At Epcot

    I was wondering if anyone on here rememebrs the old watr boat show they used to have in the lagoon at EPCOT. All I remember were the "bad guys" resembled reptiles. Anyone have info like the name of this and what years it took place.

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    "WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I don't remember that but that may have been before my WDW time.
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    Hmm, doesn't really ring a bell with me either, HR. Let us know if you find anything more specific about that. The only "show" that I can think of at Epcot that involved boats was when they used to shoot the television show Thunder in Paradise in the World Showcase lagoon. If there was some kind of reptile bad guys in that show, then that may be what you were thinking of.

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    WELCOME!!! The only show I know of in the lagoon is the still running Illuminations..... I love that show btw..... srry I couldn't be that much help.

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    YES! Funny you mention this; I was just talking to my sister about it. This show was called "Skylaidoscope" and it ran in the late 80's. The bad guys were on boats that looked like dragons, right down to the purple smoke that came out of the dragons' nostrils. I think it was narrated by the same guy who played DreamFinder over at the old Journey Into Imagination. He even sang a song that went, "Magical rainboooows...high in the skyyyy...magical high they can fly....What is it like, riding on suuuunshiiiiine..." I can't remember the rest of it.

    The good guys were in rainbow-colored biplanes that flew over the lagoon at 2:00pm every day. When I was in another area of WDW (say, at MK), I would see those planes in the distance and I knew what time it was. At the end, four or five rainbow-colored hang-gliders were pulled into the sky from different parts of the World Showcase Lagoon and made a "magical rainbow." Then they shot off colored smoke fireworks as the finale.

    It was a VERY cool show, and I was sad to see it go.
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    Magical Rainbow was the original name of the show. Figment was in the middle of the lagoon. I found some info on it on another website.

    From all ears net:
    Skyleidoscope was only meant to run during the celebration of Walt Disney World's 15th anniversary. It ran from October 1, 1986, until the celebration ended in 1987. A similar show called Surprise in the Skies also ran at Epcot for one year to celebrate WDW's 20th anniversary in 1991 and 1992. The nighttime laser show was called "Laserphonic Fantasy" and was a predecessor to the original IllumiNations show.
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    I remember suprise in the skies. Never could figure out the whole fireworks during the day thing. Couldn't really see it.

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