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Poll: What Is Your Favorite Extinct Fantasyland Attraction?

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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss FantasyLand Extinct Attractions in the I Remember... forums; the attraction i miss the most would have to be Mr.Toad's Wild Ride....
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    the attraction i miss the most would have to be Mr.Toad's Wild Ride.

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    gotta go with Toad. I loved the **** scene. I use it for my desktop, and I want to get it tattooed on me somewhere if I can find the room!

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    Oh the **** scene! That was my favorite part of the ride!

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    Mr Toad was excellent. It was mine and my brother's favourite when we were small.The whole thing was so English. And the idea of dying at Disney! And then going to ****!!

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    I miss the Skyway To Tommorowland
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    I miss Mr.Toad and festival of the lion king they were both great
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    I said Legend of the Lion King. I just remember being really enchanted by it! It was a great show!

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    Skyway definatelly. Don't remember the others all that well.

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    I miss Mr. Toad.... one of the few reasons I want to go to Disneyland is so I can ride it again....
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    Definitely Mr. Toad, when I was at Disneyland, it felt like Fantasyland more because it HAD Mr. Toad. I miss Toad... *sigh*
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    I voted for 20,000 Leagues... I liked Mr. Toad but to me it was just a ride through looking at painted wood. Sorry I know I just ticked off all you Toad fans! LOL! 20KL was just so involved and such a technical marvel. The subs were fantastic and the underwater scenes/animation was great. It wasn't until a few years ago that I learned that they had duplicated it all so that no matter which side of the sub you were on, you saw the same thing. Man! Watching them drain the lagoon, tear out the track and eventually fill it with dirt was hard enough... but to now see the playground they've put there... bleh. Die hard 20KL'er here I know. :-)

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    This would be a tough poll for me t pick just one, I do notice however, that you left two former Fantasyland attractions off the list one of which can still be visited in another Disney Theme park, both of which existed in the same building as one of the four extinct attractions you have listed, That building id the Fantasyland theatre and the first show that ran there was called the Mickey Mouse Revue, it was a story involving Mickey and an orchestra of Disney Characters, so in a sense it may have been the inspiration for philharmagic, but this was an audio animatronic attraction
    theres a page on it over at Widen Your World:

    and heres an excerpt from that page:
    Immediately after the show closed, its home was renamed the Fantasyland Theater. As such it served as a venue for continuous looping Disney cartoons (a cool, uncramped hideout for guests seeking a respite from the Florida heat,) and also housed occasional employee film festival events. In 1988, the 3-D film Magic Journeys opened in the theater - after being bumped out of Epcot's Magic Eye Theater to make room for Captain EO in 1986. At that time the pre-show was a 3-D Donald Duck cartoon called "Working For Peanuts." In 1993, Magic Journeys came out to make room for a new production, the Legend of the Lion King. That show, which made use of life-size puppets to tell the story from the film, opened in July 1994 and ran until 2002.

    So, you can see from that excerpt that the other Fantasyland extinct attraction I mentioned was Magic Journeys.

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    i said the legend of the lion king. The only reason is because I am a young Disney fan and didn't get the privilege to ride any of the others.
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