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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss What was your most heart worming moment from WDW? in the I Remember... forums; I remember the very first time I met Cinderellla...I was SO exited...
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    I remember the very first time I met Cinderellla...I was SO exited

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    lol i never met her because my dad never wanted to wait a long time in a line just to see a Disney character
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    Last summer I went back to Disney World (I was 13) and I hadn't been there since I was 6 and we were watching Spectromagic and the music and the parade and the fireworks made me cry of happiness
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    It had been over 10 years since my last WDW visit until last November. We went to MGM on our first day and MK the 2nd day....I remember walking into the Magic Kingdom and hearing the Main Street music in the background....I spotted Pinochio off to one side doing a character meeting and I just smiled Going to WDW feels just like coming home....

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    eating at Liberty Tree Tavern watching Spectromagic out the window and then watching Wishes


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    Hearing the part of Wishes when the little girl sings "...And all your wishes will come true..."
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    I will always remember wife (at the divorced) and I had my 4 year old son walking thru MGM Studios....we were headed over to see if Mickey was still doing his little appearance where they had him setup by we walked over, we noticed no one there...but did see mickey getting ready to leave. Mickey saw my son as he started to he stomped his foot to tell his helper that we were coming.....Mickey stayed with us for a couple minutes playing with my son....It was priceless...just us and the mouse. It was a special moment that wont ever be forgotten.

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    Haha, I waited 40 minutes to see Ariel. There was no way I was leaving WDW without a picture and autograph. It was amazing.

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