A while back I told everyone here that there was a web site selling (profits to charity) DVD's that are of the old closed down rides at DL and WDW. Well there is cool news for you HM junkies, they have Hm and a monorail DVD coming out soon and have other non-discontinued rides as well. This is in addition to the 20K ride, mission to mars, JIYI (original), and so on and so on. Yes they are home movies and some quality is off in areas....the group takes peoples home movies/ or stuff he shoot to make a documentry. He is a master editor for a studio and does this in his spare time to help raise money for the homeless and to preserve Disney memories we all love. I have the CB and Horizens/COP disks and they are cool. They show you stuff that you may have never known and they even have before rehad videos lost sound tracks, interviews (HM had Davis's wife and T.R.) and behind the scenes.....Trust me its come cool stuff and it has full ride throughs as well. The best part is if you want you can send him a message and get one for free by sending in old footage of your own. He'll trade you for a your footage and give you a DVD.

Example of whats coming (was sent to me in a e-mail) :

Hello EAC members!
This past Tuesday we were invited to interview Mr. Thurl Ravenscroft!
The voice behind the "Grim Grinning Ghosts" song in the Haunted Mansion, as well as the voice of Tony the Tiger and The "Grinch" song "Your a mean one....." He is 92 and very, very nice! He spent really 2 amazing hours with our video crew and told us all about how he got started in the business and how much he loved working with Walt. He told us all about working on the Mansion, and the Tiki Room, as well as country bear jamboree (he was the buffalo on the wall) as well as being the first voice heard over the loud speaker on opening day! He had very fond memories to share and included several touching stories about Walt himself. We were all delighted to meet him and share his Disneyland stories, as well as stories from his days working with Chuck Jones on the Grinch, as well as being the voice of Tony the Tiger (he is still doing it). If you look on our home page you can see a picture of Thurl and Dave.
Where this interview leads to of course is our new Haunted Mansion DVD! In our interview this month with Alice Davis, she shared stories of her husband Marc Davis, working on several concepts fro the mansion, including the walk through tour it was originally conceived as well as showing us the original gates of the haunted mansion (in her home now) as well as some trivia tid bits we had never heard before. We will be added a few more people to our list for the Mansion DVD and hope to have it out in mid November before Thanksgiving. It will cover the history of the Mansion and its very early concepts, we will be adding a few more key people to the dvd, so watch the emails for more exciting news. We are doing our best to seek out these amazing talented people and get the stories direct from them to preserve this amazing legacy started by Walt Disney.
So again we look to you, we need Mansion related items, can you help us out? We need items from the Anniversary at Disneyland (video, etc.) want to talk on camera about the Mansion? Please share anything you can (we have all the sound files we need, but would love more video, and pictures, or any scans of memorabilia you may have. This club thrives on getting the help of all its members to make these DVDs. And we thank you.
In answer to your many emails, yes the new America Sings DVD will be ready in October, with Alice Davis, and Jeff Burke. And other new updated DVD's will be released soon as well. They are always offered to club members at a reduced price of $12. Updates that are coming in the next 3 months or less, are the best we have ever done. We have new dvd software, new interviews, new film, (they are just plain Better!) The list is:

America Sings (Alice Davis and Jeff Burke)
Natures Wonderland (with western river expedition)
Peoplemover (with surprise guests)
Mission to Mars (with Alien encounter)
We still need you Tomorrowland films for our new Tomorrowland 1955-now DVD, and if your out at Disneyland, we need shots of the submarine lagoon, as it begins its transformation to the new NEMO submarine voyage, (we of course have to update the Submarine DVD) So please share what you can. As always thank you for your help on films and videos, and keep the suggestions coming, this is your club and as we grow, we are able to offer more than ever before.
A final note on shipping, in the past month, we released about 9 new dvds, as well as an sound offer, this has really been a big strain, as we struggle to meet demand. We are doing our best to get all your orders out as quickly as we can. We have never released so much at once (and probably wont again) We appreciate your patience as the shipping team, is working as best they can to get everything caught up. Couple this with the mail stoppage in Florida and the mail these days is very slow. We also had several shipments of DVD's and Printed covers arrive very late. So we apologize for this past months slowness, we will be caught up this week. We appreciate your patience, as we do this in additional to working our jobs. We do have new vendors and a few new systems in place to get the orders out in about a week from the time you order. So thank you very much. We are toying with the idea of having an option for priority or overnight mail, we wanted to ask the club about what you thought about this. As it is now, first class mail is included with all our DVD's. Would you like the option of having a trackable, express mail system? Let us know.
We wish we could just have our films, play from one source right to you, and we are always looking at video on demand applications, but so far the DVD is a really great technology for interactive documentaries like ours. So any thoughts on this? Or anything in this newsletter let us know.
That's it for today, I hope our Friends in Florida are dry now, we have talked to many of you on instant message running on battery backup, stay safe! We are always here to help and listen to your ideas. Thank you for letting us serve as the place to go for full documentaries on the extinct attractions of Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
The EAC team