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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Wonders of Life Pavillion in the I Remember... forums; ive never even been in it! we always passed it cuz it said: CLOSED OPEN SEASONLY...
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    ive never even been in it! we always passed it cuz it said: CLOSED OPEN SEASONLY

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    Iv'e never even been in it. It was closed when we went
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    I thought the pavillion design was cool, and Cranium Command I liked. Making of Me, I didn't see, but my mom said it was cool. Body Wars did make me sick, and if I truly missed that I would just ride Star Tours.

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    I will miss it!...i loved body wars...i mean elizabeth shue, come on! great brother and i really liked the hands on stuff...the hot and cold pipes, feeling different hidden objects and figuring out what they were...cranium command was fun but we only saw it a few times...i saw the making of me and it was cute, more of a funny way of looking at it...and it was a great place to get away from crowds and the heat.

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    I'll miss the Wonders of Life, but not so much in the sad state it was in this past December, without the shops, food venues and live shows it seemed kinda sad and lifeless especially after seeing how lively the Land and Seas pavilions were. Also a lot of the dispalays in the open area of the pavilion were not working, if you think about not all that many people came in for any one of these aspects but when you add them all together they not only bring more people in but keep them there longer once they get there If they are only going to open it again in this same sad state I'm afraid it's a case of "why bother"

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