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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Your #1 Disney Memory in the I Remember... forums; one of my best parent disney moments was when my then 3 yr old met mickey for the first time. i wasnt sure how she was gonna act (she can ...
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    one of my best parent disney moments was when my then 3 yr old met mickey for the first time. i wasnt sure how she was gonna act (she can very very shy and nervous), but she just walked right up to him and he bent down to her. i cried, my husband cried, my parents cried, my sister cried! my then 6 yr old son went over and says "look mom im finally meeting your favorite mickey!" We all cried harder then!!!!

    my favorite kid moment....... any time i walk down mainstreet or meet mickey. any age... that is the best moment in my life. all my worries just float away!!!!
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    I'm having such a hard time deciding....

    It's either performing at Epcot Center... just being on stage in WDW wow.

    Or it's making friends with two different Japanese families in MGM and running into them several different times and hugging and having fun with our horrible Japanese language skills and their horrible Engilsh skills.... and then the next year my friend Laura ended up visiting each of them on her trip to Japan.
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    My fav memory is actually from Disneyland. On my daughter's 3rd birthday we took a holiday to CA. As we left Oz on her actual birthday is was still the same date by the time we got to DL so we headed over to the park and played until the parade came on and we found seats on the parade route. My kids we ohhing and ahhing over every float as it passed but my husband had the video camera on my daughter's face as the Little Mermaid came into was priceless! If only I could have filmed my husband's tears of joy at the sight of his child's delight. What a magical birthday it was.

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    The marathon is a 26.3 mile race around all of the parks on Disney property

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    I have two... (which I'm sure will change soon!)

    but for right now, one of my favorite memories is from Disneyland, just walking in and standing on mainstreet, and just sitting and staring... and enjoying. That was from this summer, May 2006.

    My second one is from August 2006, it would be my proposal at the Polynesian resort. I always stayed there as a child, so the fact that my fiance would plan a proposal there when he knows its one of my favorite spots, is special. The only thing that would have made it better is a duck carrying my engagement ring up to me.
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    I have two

    1. My parents took 5 of us to WDW 1973 we drove down in a green station wagon. I of course got lost on Main Street a CM (who was really pretty as I recall) saw me with out an adult ( I was 4), took me by the hand, bought me ice cream and walked me up Main Street to find my Mom. All the time she kept telling em not to be scared we'd find my Momn. Mo9nd you iw as happy as a clam, eating icecream and holding the pretty ladies hand!

    The second was in 2001 my wife and I were at WDW a week after Sept 11th . We were staying at thPort Orleans Riverside and were at the piano bar. The piano player statrted playing God Bless america, we all stood up and sang. I teared up. I was a once in a life time experience.

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    my favorite memory
    When I was 4 I was asked to be the flower girl in my aunt's wedding. My mother promised that if i stood still and quiet during the entire ceremony (a long drawn out full catholic mass affair) she would take me to disney the next day (the wedding was in orlando). I stood so still my knees locked and I fell over - taking two candles and a podium with me!
    That trip was the earliest one I can clearly remember - It all seemed so magical - i remember wishing the day would never end - At the end of the night I told my mother that I wasn't going to wash behind my ear again until I came back so that a little peice of disney would stay with me (i was a strange kid - but it made sense at the time)
    To this day I always touch the soft spot behind my left ear everytime I miss disney (although i have washed there many many times!!)

    My other favorite memory came many years later - my college roomates and I went to MK for my 22nd birthday - it was freezing cold - I wore 4 layers on top and 3 on the bottom - we kept warm by drinking cup after cup of hot coffee - chased by copious amounts of sugar candy. All four of us were so happy and so hyper - we took pictures with all the characters, skipped down main street etc..
    While waiting in line for space mountain we found oursleves behind an all black gospel choir from Georgia - we conviced them to sing "I can show you the world" with us (to the stares ..and some applause from other guests) - We rode Splash 5x in a row with plastic shopping bags tied on our heads like bonnets to keep dry.

    One final memory - I took my 8 year old step sister to MK for the first time this october - at the end of the night she declared "Disney is a place for children" then turned to look at me "and grown-ups who think they are children"
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    It was Christmastime 2002 and we were in line for the Share a Dream Come True Parade. The Sheriff of Nottingham was kind of entertaining before it began. I got a little bored, so I began to have a little fun. I reached in my pocket and got out one of those Sacajawea gold dollars. I was kinda taunting the sheriff with it...never dreaming he'd actually see me. Well, he did! He came over and demanded that I give the coin to him. I told him no. Then, he turns me around to face my mother's camera. I know that CM can't possibly understand how great that was to me...but I still repeat that story every time I get the chance.
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    I just noticed I wrote 26.3 not that it makes a big difference but 26.2 is what I meant..proofreading is always a good thing...

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    Watching SpectroMagic and Wishes the day after we got engaged. The happiest day of my life (so far!)

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    I was there with my parents on my birthday(I was either eleven or twelve) My dad and I went into Innoventions while my mom waited outside. WHen she was out there a cast member started talking to her: asking how she was what she was here for etc.. My mom said that it was my birthday.
    When we got out of Innoventions, the castmember came over to me and wished me a happy birthday. My jaw almost hit the floor because she somehow read my mind and knew it was my birthday!

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    I don't have a #1 Disney Memory. I have SO MANY Disney memories and they are all precious. One of my favorites is the terror I had when my baby girl rode Space Mountain for the first time. I insisted on sitting in the seat behind her (like I was really going to be able to catch her if she fell out, but it made me feel better). The entire ride I knew she would fall out and die. The entire ride she kept yelling, "This is AWE-some. Mom is a cry baby. This is AWE-some. Mom is a cry baby."
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    I have so many memories...the recent favorite would have to be my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. It was quite a culture shock, but i had a blast!!

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    my fav disney memory would have to be the time i went at halloween with my little cousin just seeing her experience disney for the first time brought tears to my eyes my other favorite memory was when i went to disney for christmas it was the best gift i ever got!!
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    why is disney the greatest!?!?
    Iv been ON space mountain when the lights were on!!! not in line...i was ON THE RIDE!!! I know your jealous...

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