A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams
The Broadway Musical

At the Magic Kingdom . . .
. . . At Fantasyland . . .
. . . At the Make a Wish Theater.

"Ladies and Gentlemen . . .
Welcome to WISHES!"
In 1976, the Magic Kingdom started ending the day with a bang with "Fantasy in the Sky" Fireworks. As time went on, Fantasy in the Sky grew dated, and Disney knew it was time for a new show. In 2003, "Wishes Nighttime Spectacular" set the stage for split precision technology fireworks shows. In 2005, Disney kicked off the Happiest Celebration on Earth, celebrating 50 years of theme park magic at Disneyland in California. That year, new attractions made homes in all Disney Destinations. At the Disneyland Resort Paris, Wishes was duplicated to fit the Disneyland park Paris. Later in 2005, "Holiday Wishes: Celebrate the Spirit of the Season" made its debute at the Walt Disney World Resort. And, here we are, at the Magic Kingdom, as "Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams" The Broadway Musical is about to start. So, without further words, WELCOME TO WISHES!