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    Stitch's Great Escape, My Version

    I wrote this about 2 months before the ride premiered.

    (Annoucer on screen)
    Announcer- Greetings, Welcome to the Galactic Federation Teleportation Center located in scenic Tommorowland. Today you will be witnesses to the actual teleportation of a recently convicted convict, but now a statement from the Grand Council Women.

    Grand Council Women- Welcome, the convict you will see shortly has caused grand destruction in the Federation. In all he made hundreds of violation and has caused over 700 glubars in damages. The creatures creator, Dr. Jumba Jukima has been sentenced to a life imprisonment. For the monster lies a worse punishment, a lifetime banishment on a far off prisoner asteroid. The creatures name Experiment 626. The teleportation technology was presented to us as a gift from a victim who happened to be president a far off corporation. Although he drenched in drool from an attack from 626 he was happy to get off the planet. You will be security witnesses to his teleportation. Now please enter the next room for a short demonstration.

    Preshow part II

    Announcer- Once again, the Grand Council Women

    Grand Council Women- Now to give you a demonstration of how we are to be rid of 626 is our own Robotic Authority Personnel.

    R.A.P.- (snoring.…)

    GCW- R.A.P.?

    R.A.P.- (snoring..…)

    GCW- R.A.P.!!!!!!!!

    R.A.P.- Huh? What? Oh hello, oh no what's today? oh yeah.
    Welcome security witnesses to the teleportation transportation of Experiment 626. I am about to show you how we are to do this.

    Skippy- Hey!?

    R.A.P.- What Skippy?

    Skippy- I want out!

    R.A.P.- I let you out once were done.

    Skippy- (gibberish in alien)

    R.A.P.- I know we haven't seen the first test subject since the first demo, but don't worry.

    Skippy- Hah.

    R.A.P.- Now Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your eyes our little voyager across this room in no time flat. Hope they fixed it like they told me.

    Skippy- What........

    (R.A.P. presses a button interrupting Skippy teleporting him.)

    R.A.P.- So far so good

    R.A.P.- Now watch as he arrives in the other tube.

    R.A.P.- And here he is the little trouper perfectly unhar....

    (Skippy in the tube glowing and electrified)

    R.A.P.- uh.. don’t worry people he's not burned he's just.... a new look.

    (Cover shield come down on both tubes)

    Skippy- Hey....

    R.A.P.- Well this.. um.. demo shows how nothing can possibly go wrong...(laughs in a concerned way) um.. Now please proceed to the main teleporter room.

    (In one of the tubes we hear Skippy pounding on the inside of the tube and crying to let him out)

    The Main show

    (we see pleakley on screen)

    Pleakley(mumbling)- uh, uh, uh, ahh.. I'm not ready, I'm not ready.

    Gantu- Pleakley!!!!


    Gantu-Is it time yet?

    Pleakley- For what?

    Gantu- The prisoner transportation of that monstrosity.

    Pleakley- It's not time yet, the security personnel aren't even ther.... (Pleakley looks toward the camera)
    Gantu there here.

    Gantu-Well brief them.

    Pleakley- ok... Welcome weary travelers to our little prisoner transport. It's not much, but I can safely say.....

    Gantu-Enough with the formalities Pleakley, we have a job. Now ladies and gentlemen, trogs and gorlocks, prepare yourself for what you are about to see, I present to you (shield rises around the tube)

    (We see Stitch moving around saying things in alien)

    Pleakley- Don't be surprised by his smallness people, he is very dangerous.

    Gantu- Yes that is why you are here as witnesses. Now Experiment 626, what do you have to say.

    Stitch- (clears throat) eeka nana queesta

    Pleakley- I think I'm gonna hurl.

    Gantu- How dare you, Pleakey begin the process.

    Pleakley- Can I get a mop first?

    Gantu- NOW!!!

    Pleakley- Ok..ok, sending pisoner to prisoner asteroid 3.

    Gantu- Hurry up!

    Pleakley- I'm going as fast as I can.

    Gantu- No, No not that button.

    (power goes off in room)

    Gantu- You turned off the power you one-eyed bafoon.

    Pleakley- OK, it's not my fault someone made the off button the big red button.

    (while in the dark we hear Stitch say "ooh" and laugh. We hear him crawling around then sparks go on inside the tube)

    Gantu- Excellent we have power again.

    Pleakley- Activating teleportaion sequence

    (sirens go off)

    Gantu- What now?

    Pleakley- The shield inside the tube is down.

    (we hear glass breaking)

    Gantu- The trog has shut off the force field power.

    (Power goes out again and we hear glass breaking)

    Pleakley- He broke the tube!

    (we see the tube broken and Stitch moving around with lights going off and on)

    Pleakley- What now?

    Gantu- I know, activating external protection beams.

    (light beams go on around the tube)

    Gantu- Activating Sentry Guns.

    (The two sentry guns kick on pointing directly at Stitch)

    Gantu- Don't worry those guns are tracked to his genetic signature, he won't dare escape.

    (Stitch stands motionless, he moves his ears up and down a few times)

    Stitch- OOO AH AH AH

    (Stitch spits at the wall, the guns shoot it taking out the power)

    Pleakley- He took out the power.

    ( Now in the darkness we get sensations convincing us Stitch is out)

    Maintenance 2- Hello, Hello? What's going on in here.

    Gantu- The prisoner has escaped. We need the power back. Find the main power box near your position. And be careful.

    Mat. 2- All right where is that old... whoa.

    Pleakley- what?

    Mat. 2- I slipped in something sticky, and gooey, and green.


    Gantu- Have you found the prisoner?

    Mat. 2- No, he found me.

    ( We see Stitch on the screens from Mat. 2 camera
    jump on him, we feel water that’s is supposed to be spit)

    Pleakley- what happened?

    Mat. 2- He slimed me. That's it, power.. on. I'm outta here.

    Gantu- all right, now we just have to wait for the main circuit to power up.

    (we are left in the darkness again getting sensations)

    (Lights flash)

    Gantu- Excellent we have power, but it won't last how do we get him into the tube.

    Pleakley- Leave it to me, I've got a treat for him.

    (we see a green turkey leg with purple polka dots lower in the tube)

    Gantu: That's your plan?

    Stitch: (sniff, sniff) oooh

    (lights go on and Stitch is back in the tube)

    Gantu: All right Pleakley, boost the power.

    (lights flash)

    Pleakley: wait, somethings........

    Gantu: TELEPORT HIM NOW!!!

    Pleakey: ahhh....activated.

    (a giant white flash goes on in the room, the power is out but the screens are still on)

    Gantu: aha excellent, it appears the power is finally out, but nonetheless Experiment 626 is now......

    Computer: Unauthorized personnelx3

    Pleakley: oh, what now?

    Stitch: laughing

    Gantu: the trog is still there.

    (we see Stitch break a hole in the wall and escape)

    Pleakley: He's escaped......again?

    Gantu: computer,show us exterior security cameras

    (onscreen we see Stitch reeking havoc in Tommowland, jump into an Astro-Orbitor rocket and blast outta there)

    Pleakley: what now?

    Gantu: Don't worry i'll inform the Grand Council Women, you stay here.

    Pleakley: uh.. well ladies and gentlemen ther you have it. Um...please exit in an orderly fashion grabbing all you belonging. And please don't...uh..uh...PANIC!!! (runs off screen screaming)

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    Did you REALLY right that before it opened?
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    Yep, something I did during the summer, I had jsut gone to WDW fo rthe first timer and rode AE for the first and sadly last time. So when the smallest bits came out about SGE I wrote this up.

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    I am sorry, but Stich's Great Escape is an absolute aboration!!! I know that Alien Encounter wasn't a big fan favorite, but it was 10,000 better than this attraction. I am not sure why the company has invested so much into this character. Imagineering Ears on for this space Meet the Robinsons or better yet, bring back Alien Encounter!!
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    I would love for AE to come back, but when the last time Disney has ever admitted a mistake, I see MTR more as a replacement for HISTA

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    You Take that back! Stitch is one of the coolest attractions in tommorowland!
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    Whats MTR and HISTA?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiddenmickeyboy View Post
    Whats MTR and HISTA?
    MTR = Meet the Robinsons
    HISTA = Honey I Shrunk the Audience

    DarMar106, I'm amazed at how you were able to predict that the preshow would remain so similar to what it was with Alien Encounter. Me, I would've assumed that since the entire attraction was changing, so to would the preshow. Plus you were able to get nearly dead on with a lot of the attraction specifics. You should get a job working for a psychic!
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    I've already posted this somewhere else on the forums but I think that Stitch's Great Escape should turn into a roller coaster where you get in Stitch's red rocket and he insanely pilots you do Earth. Maybe something like Rock 'N' Roller Coaster? Anything than how the attraction is now.
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