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Imagineering Discuss the okay movie ride in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; while i was at disney this summer we went to hollywood studios and rode the great movie ride like we always do. i noticed how some things are getting old(like ...
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    the okay movie ride

    while i was at disney this summer we went to hollywood studios and rode the great movie ride like we always do. i noticed how some things are getting old(like the script) and how the crowd isn't that into the story, they just look at the scenes. i think gmr needs a refurbishment. maybe disney could replace some uneeded scenes with movies people know a lot more and even new lines. i have some movies they could add that would be popular like Star Wars, Titanic, movies like that. what do u think?

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    Re: the okay movie ride

    While I would like to see this attraction spiced up a bit, I think a refurb would be a huge undertaking, because you would have to develop all new Anamatronics and build new scenes. I think Disney would be money ahead to create a new attraction from scratch to replace The Great Movie Ride, but on the other hand, I really enjoy seeing all the old grainy movie clips in the queue, and the classics on the ride.

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    Re: the okay movie ride

    Indeed, this ride while once was worth of being called "Great" has fallen down over time. It's a shame too. With so many great movies they could pick from, it could easily be freshened with some newer stuff, as well as newer more current script. I know, there's issues with licensing and all, but even with Disney's own library, they could still do a lot with it, even if they just focused on Disney's animated library.

    This is one that irritates me if I stop to think about it. Because, I can come up with dozens of ideas just based on their movies! They could turn it into a tour thru Disney's animated history, starting with Snow White, then Pinocchio, then Fantasia and Dumbo, and Bambi, and Cinderella... they could throw in the Pixar movies and characters. Like I said, there's just SOOO much material they could work with.

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    Re: the okay movie ride

    My favorite part about that attraction is watching the video pre-show. I like how it's exactly like a theater except you're wrapping around velvet rope stanchions instead of sitting down. But I really like the theater pre-show.
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    Re: the okay movie ride

    GMR is one of my favorite attractions at WDW! I pretty much only visit DHS to visit GMR and RNRC. The rest of my party rides TOT while I do GMR several times in a row. I wouldn't mind if they did away with the live action portion of the attraction, but I enjoy the classic films referenced and would be disappointed if they were to replace them with more modern films. Perhaps further down the line when the modern films have stood the test of time, but for now I think that the films give a good representation of pivitol films and genres throughout cinematic history.
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    Re: the okay movie ride

    I completely agree with beja.
    I for one would be sad if they changed GMR. The feeling of nostalgia that watching the old film clips produces is lovely. There are enough modern references throughout the rest of the Park.
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    Re: the okay movie ride

    I enjoy this attraction. My favorite part is riding through Munchkin land. I try to get a seat on the left so I can see the witch's feet under the house. I really feel I'm in the movie. But I can see where the old classics would only appeal to those of us who are older. The kids have no clue who these people are. It would be a monumental undertaking to refurbish this, but I agree that adding some up-to-date movies would appeal to a broader audience.

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