My disney theme park would be called Disney Texas because it would be in Texas.My theme park would have parks from Disneyworld and Disneyland.My parks in the my park are:
Magic Carpets of Aladdin
Pinocchio's Daring Adventure
Cinderella's Crazy Dream
Skyway to Fantasyland-ride around ride
Splash Mountain
Mine Town-dark ride
Western Shoot-out
The Great Western Ride instead of The Great Movie Ride with only western scenes
Space Mountain
Space Cadets
Mission Space:Flying through space
Planet Orbiter instead Astro Orbiter you ride on different planets real and and made up planets
Critter Country
Bugs the ride dark ride
Mark Twain's Riverboat ride around ride
A Bug's life in 3D bug's life movie in 3d version
Main Street USA
Plane Crazy the musical
Beauty and the Beast the musical
Pinocchio the musical
Tarzan the musical
Critters Area critter country
Space Equipment tommorrowland
Pincchio Prizes fantasyland
Fantasy World fantasyland
Fantasy Dinner Party Dinner only adults only kids stay with a baby sitter in a room before you get to the restaurant its free to keep kids there
Critterville lunch & dinner charcter meet & greet location
Space Travel Restaurant Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner
Pizza Town concession stand
Water Parks
Freezing Rapid like Blizzard Beach but different kind of rides
The Fantasy Water Park
Alligator Lagoon river rides character meet & greet location
Movie Style Water Park (unnamed)
Characters at Disney Texas
Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck
Darkwing Duck
Captain Hook
The Brother Bears
The seven dwarfs
Snow White
all the princes
all the villains
Roger Rabbit
movie star
Nighttime Entertainment
Wishes or another firework show
Fantasmic or another night stage show
My theme park would have more rides like a tarzan ride and 20,000 leagues under the sea.My other rides i would have is a jungle book ride,a tarzan ride,a beatles ride and a cruise ride.My other restaurants for my theme park would The Beatles Restaurant named after the beatles the rock band.My other restaurants would be The Arabian Dinner Show.The theme park would have 5 or 6 areas in one park.I will have a smaller theme park right next door called Boomtown Theme Park.It would have 6 areas in one park.There would be Space area,School area,City area,Fantasy area,Western area and Holiday area.Space area has ten rides and 5 shows.more updates on both of my parks this week or next week.
added characters and others
Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Willy Wonka
Billy the Bulldog- the mascot of the daytime
George the Owl-the mascot of the nighttime
Jamie the Jaguar-the mascot of the whole park comes out during day
Frank the Slave-is a mime
The Garage Sale band-a rock band that performs 80's music
Harry the Farmer-a performer in a unnamed live stage show
Scout the dog-a performer in a unnamed live stage show
Sgt.Germany-a drill sergeant that walks around bossing people around.
Lt. Beauty-a dance team leader who looks around for her missing dance team
Central Stage
it is for performing plays and a dance team performs everyday at 10 am,12pm,2pm,4pm,6pm, last show at 8pm.
Plays at central stage
9am,11am,1pm,3pm,5pm,7pm,last show at 9pm
Bands occasionally at Central Stage
Bands performing times 6:45pm,10pm,11pm, last peformance 12am.
Talent Show once a year
10am to 1pm
Garage Sale once a year
8am to 3pm