With the ever persistant rumor that there will be a villains park added to WDW I tried to think about what rides could fit in. This ride I dreamed up stems from Hercules the movie and more to the theme Hades. I was undecided about how the ride would be handled, the two options were rollercoaster type ride but the one I liked better a Tower or Terror type ride.

You would board a chariot themed car to keep up the Greek theme and you would ascend up Mount Olympus. There you would learn that you need to rescue Meg because Hade stole her. If designed like my ToT idea there would be more leeway to show this storyline as your chariot could ride from scene to scene, similar to the movement of the elevator at ToT. The drop in the ride would be two part. The first drop would be from Olympus to Earth where the storyline would develop further as you travel towards the entrance to Hades. There you drop again and are treated to a ride through of the Underworld. You then ascend back to Olympus and decide you want to be with Meg forever so there's another excuse to add a third drop in.

Feedback? Improvements?