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Imagineering Discuss Great 2 Phase Project in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; I get bored in class and so of course like the good student my notes are filled with doodles. Well I have started drawing out sketches of diney rides (e.g. ...
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    Great 2 Phase Project

    I get bored in class and so of course like the good student my notes are filled with doodles. Well I have started drawing out sketches of diney rides (e.g. Splash Mountain, Maelstrom) and thats when I came up with an idea for a new ride and the idea would actually be a two phase operation. Just know that I am not a really big Winnie the Pooh fan though I do appreciate him for his disney acheivements. THe reason this is based around him is because he is the only story I feel can comply with all I have thought of.

    Phase 1
    First of all at Animal Kingdom Camp Minnie Mickey is not much of an area worth mentioning. But its land amount is good for what I am planning. A second giant tree. My ride idea is based on the story Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree and the idea is to really hit that sense of sigh hard, a true feast for the eyes. Now we start off in the roots of this enormous Honey tree. The inside root works are almost cavernous dark lit with floor lighting. This cavernous area leads you to the load area. You enter a cart that is a modified form of the Doom Buggy from Haunted mansion but looking more like a Blue Balloon. You enter your balloonand turn a corner into a pitch black room. Suddenly you start to rise on a lift on the floor. This lift leads you up a glass tube facing the outside. From here you can see most of Animal KIngdom. Its a beautiful sightas you rise higher and higher in this tube in your ride vehicle. Once you reach the top your vehicle turns and you ride right into a hole in the treetops. Now you are following Winnie the Pooh's voice down dark hallways. You see very few hints of honey, little glimmers of gold so that the ride isnt pitch black. Suddenly you hear faint buzzing so you and Pooh follow it with your cart picking speed. Then suddenly your cart stopsand once again your on a lift but this time it is taking you down and you emerge into the most awe inspiring place you have ever seen, a completely gold room. There is honey following from everywhere. There are bees everywhere and Pooh is there to greet you stuffing his face. After this room your vehicle ends up in an unloading area similar to the loading cavernous entrance though this time with windows as your exiting looking into the great honey room. The End.

    Phase 2
    Now that there is a Winnie the Pooh ride we can greet our old friend Mr. Toad back to his rightful place in the Magic Kingdom. Thats right bring back Mr. Toad's Wild Ride with everything the same but with completely ronnovated everything. Make Mr, Toad look good as new and introduce a new audience to the splendore that is Toad.

    Finishing thoughts
    If you like or dislike this idea please post your thoughts.

    I am not the best artist in the world but if I get the chance I will post scans of some of the concept sketches for this. Remember what I said: I AM NOT A GOOD ARTIST. I am a random doodler.
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    It's a very good idea. But, I still think the Winnie the Pooh ride is right where it is. You would really have to hit an animal theme hard in that ride in order to get it into AK
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    I like the idea of making it into a tree. Very creative idea, but could you work the bouncing part of the other ride in cuz i really like that "room" in the existing one. Otherwise very creative.
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