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Imagineering Discuss What Theme Park would you like to See Next?!?! in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; I'm thiking either a Disney Sea or a California Adventure Park for the east coast. Only it couldn't really be a california adventure park, so like a Florida Adventure Park. ...
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    I'm thiking either a Disney Sea or a California Adventure Park for the east coast. Only it couldn't really be a california adventure park, so like a Florida Adventure Park.

    It obviously couldn't have Tower of Terror or Soarin' though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas View Post
    I think they should build the Disney America park that was planned. There is plenty of room in Orlando for it.
    I agree...
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    My park would be... I've waited so long for this! ... ELPHABA WORLD!!!

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    Disney needs to resurrect the Disney America Park!

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    I think a version of Disney Sea from Tokyo would be cool!!!!

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    MY IDEA: Disney's Americana USA

    resort Area Name: Disney's Americana Resort Area

    theme Park Name: Disney's Americana Usa

    location: East Of The Magic Kingdom, On The Shores Of Bay Lake Facing Back Of Contemporary Resort

    theme: Regions Of America And Their Cultures

    themed Lands:
    -homefront America (the Park Entrance Plaza Area Like Main Street Usa At Mk.)
    -riverside (deep South)
    -pacific Pier (californian Seaside-boardwalk)
    -wilderness Post (national Parks Themed Areas)
    -plains Outpost (great Plains-pit Stop Area)
    -brooklyn Beachfront Usa (new England-style Beach Setting)
    -little Liberty (area Celebrating America's Great History)

    park Central Icon: Kennedy Mountain
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    I am still partial to the much talked about Villians Theme Park. The rides of choice here would be nothing but state-of-the-art thrill rides. Rollercoasters, Inversion Machines, etc.
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    Pixar Park

    ooh fun fun fun
    1. The theme park would be a Pixar park, with the them strictly all of the pixar movies and shorts. Why? because everyone loves the Pixar movies
    2. What would the "Park icon" be? (Ex: Tree of Life, Castle, EPOCT ball, Mickey Sorcerer hat) The Pixar sign, that little light thing, or something else
    3. Where would you have the park go? near mgm

    Description (optional): There would be lots of characters, movie-based rides, etc.
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    Ok, I was thinking. There aren't really that many places to stick new rides for older non-Pixar characters. I was thinking of new rides for Robin Hood or the Jungle Book and whenever I tried to find a place to put it, I became lost.
    MK has basically exhausted all it's resources in lines of new rides. The only new rides are ones that take away old rides, of which I'm totally against.
    Epcot never really was/is a "character park" and I like it that way. I don't like how they try to incorporate charcters into everything like the Seas and Mexico. Character meet and greets are fine, but not an entire redo of attractions.
    MGM really is the most character based park. Mostly all the attractions have to do with some sort of character/movie. But never any older characters.
    AK can only have animal characters or humans that worked directly with animals. There aren't too may characters that fit. (Pocahontas, Lion King, Bug's Life)

    So for my new park I was thinking a strictly character-based park. A place where the characters from all the movies live.

    The icon could be Mount Rushmore with the Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto. Or something along those lines.

    This could go wherever they can find room. It'd be a big park.

    Description: You could take out Toontown and put it in here. Each land could be a different era of Disney movie making. One land for the earlier movies (Snow White to Sleeping Beauty), one land for movie made in the 60s and 70s (101 Dalmatians to The Rescuers), another land for the 80s and 90s and (Fox and The Hound to Tarzan), and one land for the more recent movies and the upcoming movies. Another land could be Toontown. Each movie could have it's own attraction (ride, movie, exhibit) or restaurant.

    I tought this up b/c my first idea was Villians Park, but that was already done.
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    we have seen where the characters live (MK) seen where they work (MGM) but where do they play?

    but yea i think a new land somewhere could definately be combining the worlds of Toy Story, Bugs Life, and Ratatouile
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    Re: What Theme Park would you like to See Next?!?!

    1. What would the "theme" of the park be? Why? Basically Disney imagination, and creation and such.
    2. What would the "Park icon" be? (Ex: Tree of Life, Castle, EPOCT ball, Mickey Sorcerer hat) I honestly don't know. The only things I can think of are extremely complicated and would not explain the park with one simple, yet clever icon as with all the other parks.
    3. Where would you have the park go? Somewhere near MGM.

    Description (optional): There would be extinct yet popular attractions in one area, interactive rides and learning to draw the characters and such would be in another, and perhaps, (because I love it so), a VMK themed area with water rides that are like the rides people created and such, and maybe even a Donald's Dreamland (the idea taken, of course, from that gosh-awful Toontown Online place) because that place always seemed cool to me. Also, attractions that were turned down because they couldn't go with any other parks could work their way into an area purely for misfit Disney crud.
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    Post My 5th Theme Park for WDW

    1. The name of the park is Port Disney. It will be modeled after Tokyo DisneySea for that park has the one theme not covered by Orlando.
    2. The park's icon would be Mount Prometheus.
    3. The park would between Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center with a stop on the EPCOT Center Monorail Line.

    Description (optional): The six areas of the park will be Galilei Harbor, London Square, Innovention Bay, Lost River Delta, Mysterious Island, and Glacier Lake.
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    Re: What Theme Park would you like to See Next?!?!

    I don't want to see a new park...just do the necessary maintenance and show some TLC to the current ones.
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    Re: What Theme Park would you like to See Next?!?!

    If we really did have to have fresh development, I would personally love to see EPCOT levelled and then re-attempted. Rebuild it in the Future World mould (and throw World Showcase to the four winds) but have a proper ocean pavillion and a proper space pavillion amongst them.

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    Re: What Theme Park would you like to See Next?!?!

    1. a park with all of the shows/rides that have been pulled from epcot, mk, dhs, dd, dak, di, tl, bb, ac, anywhere
    2. a giant horizons
    3. between dak and mk,
    4. there would be separate parks, epcot, magic kingdom, dhollywood studios, and danimal kingdom, maybe even downtown disney
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