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    Lightbulb Dark Ride Idea: Sleeping Beauty's Rescue

    Some of you may have seen this before but if not, what the heck, this was my first actually-scripted attraction I made about one year ago;

    Sleeping Beauty’s Rescue
    Attraction Script by Ren Pearson


    The melody to the song “Once upon a Dream” is played in the load area. Guests line up awaiting their next ride vehicle in their appointed sections. The wall is stained glass art of sleeping beauty ride scenes: Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora dance together in the woods; Maleficent strikes a grisly pose in front of her dark woods; Aurora pricks her finger on the spinning wheel; Maleficent’s Dragon ego breaths green fire in anger. The Ride Vehicles ascend to the dock.

    Please fill all the available space
    In your vehicle. Please place all
    Belongings in the nets in front of
    You. Please remain seated at all times
    And keep your arms hands and legs
    Inside the vehicle at all times.
    Thank you.

    The voice emits from the vehicle itself. It plays when we step into our vehicles and sit in our seats, and await to continue onto our journey. The car moves forward to the entrance of a tunnel. It stops briefly for 3 seconds or so and then continues through the wooden doors that automatically open when the vehicles arrive. The cars will continue through.

    2. Grand Hall

    The vehicle follows forward to face the grim figure of Maleficent looming toward us.

    Before the sun sets on her 16th
    birthday she will prick her
    Finger on the spindle of a spinning
    Wheel and DIE!

    On the other wall is the figure of King Stephan. He shows much anger and shock.
    Seize that creature!

    Stand back you fools!

    Maleficent disappears in a cloud of green smoke. Her laughter echoes through the darkness.

    3. A Forest meadow

    We pass by Aurora’s Cottage in the forest. The car turns past a group of assorted forest animals staring at something. As The vehicle turns we See Aurora all grown up and beautiful. She dances in the woods sing to herself “once upon a dream”

    And I know you. The way you did
    Once upon a dream. But I know you
    I’ll know what you’ll do once
    Upon a dream…

    Prince Phillip sits on his horse and looks in awe placed on the cliff over the next door.

    Who…Who is that woman?

    The vehicle passes through another door.

    4. Auroras bed chamber

    Princess Aurora sits at her mirror sobbing, while in her mirror the grizzly face of Maleficent appears

    Come my dear. Come.

    The vehicle passes through the fire place that slides open to reveal a secret passage.

    5. Secret Passage

    Flora, Fauna, and Meriwether look in shock. The Vehicle turns to see Aurora in front of a spinning wheel. She dips her hand onto the spindle of the spinning wheel. A green light is glowed upon Aurora as Maleficent appears and laughs. A glowing picture of aurora sleeping flashes like lightning before our eyes.

    6. Maleficent’s Castle

    The vehicle enters into the hall of Maleficent’s castle. A gremlin pops up from a hole slightly scaring us. The vehicle turns into a hallway with thousands of gremlins looming toward us and some even pop up. All have weapon in hand and are ready to use them. They all laugh as they menace us. The vehicle dodges these monsters and turns narrowly running into a large gremlin.

    7. Maleficent’s Dungeon

    Prince Phillip struggles to break free from the iron bars. The vehicle turns toward a door with Maleficent standing on the balcony above. She motions toward Phillip

    You can’t escape now prince! HA
    HA HAA!

    The vehicle burst through a door into the outside.

    8. The gateway

    The vehicle faces a window. A gremlin pops us here. The car sharply turns dodging rocks.

    Look out!

    A green ray is struck on the rocks as they disappear in a cloud of smoke. The image of more gremlins with arrows is on the opposite wall. Some gremlins Loom toward us. The sound effect of shooting arrows is heard. After another sharp turn, the vehicle is about to cross a drawbridge as it rises up

    NO! NO!
    The vehicle sharply turns from the raised drawbridge into darkness.

    NO! It cannot be! Now you shall
    Deal with me! And the powers of
    ****! HAHAHAHAA!

    The vehicle turns from the darkness as a giant green dragon roars and blows fire through its mouth. Maleficent is now a giant dragon menacing Phillip. A ray of light shoots from the sword of Phillip. Maleficent’s scream is heard. The scream is followed by flashing lightning.

    9. Aurora’s tomb

    Aurora is seen sleeping deeply with a rose in her hand. Prince Phillip is above her. He bends over her to kiss her on the lips when she is kissed, her eyes open and rays of light shine through the window. The vehicle turns forward toward a door and goes through it. In the next room guests can see Aurora and Phillip dancing together fading away into a illustrated drawing on a book. The book then has the words “AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER” fades through. The vehicle turns through another door.


    The vehicles once again hear the melody of “Once upon a dream” this time accompanied by singers. The vehicles will come to the unloading bay but not to the dock first

    Please remain seated, until you
    Reach the platform. Thank you.

    This announcement may loop every ten seconds or so until the vehicle reaches the unload platform. When it does, Guests exit their vehicles and follow the path down a bright Victorian tunnel It will come to a stain glass image of Aurora and Phillip. Above “THE END” will twinkle occasionally.
    Mickey Mouse v.s. Chuck E. Cheese

    Need I answer?

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    Hi Rpearson, I think your ride idea is great ! We all could use more princesses in our life. You seemed to have thought of everything. I hope it comes true for you and WDW.


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    Totally awesome! Have it replace the Snow White ride!
    All the people will look up and shout: "Save us!" and I'll whisper...'no'.

    Who watches the watchmen?

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    That sounds very much like my idea. But good one anyway.
    Remember, Dreams Come True!

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    What about this ride being used in a new dark theme or haunted theme park? Villians become the main attraction. The Haunted Kingdom??? It can have one area called Halloween Town based after the Nightmare Before Christmas.
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