Welcome to the 3rd task in the Hula Hodgepodge series. This challenge series is for all the scrapping ideas and themes that don’t fit into another challenge. One task could be a certain theme and the next could be a certain product. You’ll never know what it is going to be!

Theme for Hula Hodgepodge #3 is: Love

Create a layout expressing love! Scrap you significant other, you children, even your pets. Do whatever you think of for love. Love chocolate, or your crocs, or a certain book…scrap that! To each of us love is a special and meaningful thing, so I’d love to see what you love.

When you post your item here, please list the supplies that you used (brand of patterned paper, type of embellishments, etc), so if someone loves one of your ideas they can find the supplies to lift it.

The next HH will be posted on March 2nd.

Have fun and get those creative juices flowing!