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    HH #12 – Struttin’ Down the Runway

    Welcome to the 12th task in the Hula Hodgepodge series!

    Theme for Hula Hodgepodge #12 is: Fashion

    Between watching Project Runway and all the talk on the Random Thoughts thread about shoes, I got to thinking how big fashion is in today’s society. No matter if your style is sweats, hoodies and Crocs ( me!) or kitten heels, sweaters and skirts, you have a fashion sense. Document your current style in a layout. Or if you have a child that is a little “fashionista” make a page about them and their love of clothes and shoes. Do you have a little one that likes to pair polka dots with plaids or do they like to play dress up and hold a fashion show for you? That’s a sense of fashion, no matter how good (or bad) it looks. Showcase your favorite shirt, your prom dress, your well worn sweatshirt that holds more memories than warmth…what ever speaks to you! And don’t forget about the accessories!

    Disney Up your Layouts
    • The Princesses are all about fashion with their beautiful dress and fancy tiaras, so most of the princess embellishments feature these items. They work great for accenting your pictures showing off your favorite clothes.
    • Embellish your pages with pieces of Mickey or Minnie’s outfits. Mickey’s yellow shoes, Minnie’s polka dot bow…stickers and die cuts of these items are easy to find and part of Mickey and Minnie’s signature style. So why not use them to accent your signature style! (I really need to layoff the design tv shows!)
    • Even though Cruella De Vil is evil to the highest level, she did have a unique sense of fashion. “My only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn't? " This quote can be altered to fit different items, unless furs are your thing then you can leave it alone. Or it can be a jumping point to your journaling!
    • There have been quite a few embellishments made that feature Minnie and Daisy doing girlie things like shopping, dressing up and putting on make-up. All this themes fit in nicely into fashion while adding a Disney touch to the page.

    Attached are some product examples that would work well to Disney Up a layout about Fashion. All products are made by EK Success and I’ve seen them at a bunch of big box stores like A.C. Moores, Target and Michael’s.

    This challenge will run until Tuesday, March 11th. Now this date is just there for those that want that push…do not feel that you have to complete your project by that date. If you do the project a month from now, or even a year from now still post it! We want to see your work!.

    When you post your item here, please list the supplies that you used (brand of patterned paper, type of embellishments, etc), so if someone loves one of your ideas they can find the supplies to lift it.

    Happy Scrappin’!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails HH #12 –  Struttin’ Down the Runway-product_2706_lg.jpg   HH #12 –  Struttin’ Down the Runway-product_7643_lg.jpg   HH #12 –  Struttin’ Down the Runway-product_9125_lg.jpg   HH #12 –  Struttin’ Down the Runway-product_9126_lg.jpg   HH #12 –  Struttin’ Down the Runway-product_9131_lg.jpg  

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    Great LO idea.......for OTHER people, but not me! I don't think I want to document my 'fashion style'!

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    I'm with Melissa. I have no fashion sense. Unless you want to see me with my clothes inside out, wearing my green crocs.
    They call me "Nana"

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    I like that you posted some suggested supplies on this one April!

    Gawrsh! Hyuk!

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