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Introduce Yourself! Discuss Fabulous dreams come true this year! in the forums; For my first post ever I thought I would share with you lovely people why WDW really is The Happiest Place on Earth (as if you needed a reason!). This ...
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    Fabulous dreams come true this year!

    For my first post ever I thought I would share with you lovely people why WDW really is The Happiest Place on Earth (as if you needed a reason!).
    This past October I got to take my little sister (age 32) for her first trip to the Magic Kingdom. She was a bit frightened to go with me as I wish I could live in the Castle and she often gets tired of my bright, princess-y blathering on about how great WDW is. Well... we joined our older step-sister, her husband, and our niece (age 7) for her first trip as well. We all arrived at different times and I forced all of them to go with me the first night to see SpectroMagic. It was their first Disney experience and what a great start to a trip that only gets better!
    The next day I took them back to MK so they could see it in the day light. While they were getting a wheelchair for my sister (she had broken her ankle) I told them I was going to pick up our Not so Scary tickets. I went by myself to the Town Hall to get them. I walked up to the counter and started talking to the CM who was getting my tickets. Of course I was just being my usual self and for some reason the CM stopped in mid conversation and told me he had something else for me. He went behind the counter and got a pin for me. It says, "Honorary Citizen of Walt Disney World", among other things. I was thrilled! I put my pin on and pranced out into the street. Of course my family mocked me a smidgen but then, here comes The Mayor! I had not gotten to meet him before so of course I now have a great photo of myself wearing my pin, with The Mayor. Needless to say, the rest of the trip I was on cloud 9 and then when Cast Members would welcome me to the family I just wanted to hug them. Other CM's told me they had never seen a pin like that before. So, I am not sure if it is new just for this year or not but I can't imagine a better experience for someone so in love with the Disney Magic as me. I hope my little (and long) story brings a tear of nostalgia to your eyes and your willingness to share your greatest dreams come true with me too. Until next trip...

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    Great story! Welcome to DWT!

    My family mocks me too, they love WDW but not nearly as much as I do. What's so funny about a checklist of must-sees right?

    I think you'll fit right in.

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    Welcome to the site!

    Nice story to read first thing in the morning. You will have to enlighten us more on how the family reacted to things.
    It's a Disney thing. If you understood, your only question would be "can I go?"


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    Welcome to the fam...

    Wonderful story. And i must agree with Tink, i don't know what's so funny about a check-list of must do's, nor do i see what's so weird about being excited to see all the character's out and all the wonderful sites to see.. And...And...And..And.....
    April 23rd, oh yeah it's gonna be ON!

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    amongst the loonies


    Hope you have a great time here!
    WDWRadio Moderator

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    I love the story Welcome to DWT

    First Trip- Jan. 07, POFQ
    Second Trip- May 08, Pop Century

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    Welcome to the boards!!!
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