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Introduce Yourself! Discuss Orlando Disney Passholder New Here in the forums; Hi everyone. FL seasonal passholder here. New to Orlando but one of the first things my wife and my 5 year old daughter did was to purchase the passes. We've ...
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    Orlando Disney Passholder New Here

    Hi everyone.

    FL seasonal passholder here. New to Orlando but one of the first things my wife and my 5 year old daughter did was to purchase the passes. We've been to all the theme parks and the water parks too.

    Love most things Disney but I have some gripes too. Is is kosher to say negative things here?

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    to DWT!!! You should check out Disney Podcast at WDW Radio - Your Walt Disney World Information Station if you havent already. Oh and yes, it is fine say negative things.

    "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy"

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    to DWT!
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    Welcome to the DWT Family, disneyorlando! Now home to 21,000+ members!

    We hope you enjoy it here!
    Adam ~ A Proud D23 Charter Member!

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    Thanks for the welcome folks.

    Glad to know that occassional negativity is allowed here. I just came from disboards where I lasted 2 days before brainwashed Disney devotees banned me.

    I like to praise Disney when they do things right, but lately they do a lot wrong too, starting with poor training and development of Cast Members (dont get me started), inappropriate images and characters in their films, and pricing of theme park admission and parking.

    Please give me a chance and dont ban me instantly like on disboards. Thank you.

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    hi there and welcome.. i have never posted on another disney board this is my one and only.. and everyone here is the greatest!!

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    Welcome to the boards, to Central FL, and to AP holdership. I think you're going to like being a passholder!

    And don't worry about being critical -- nobody's perfect, including the Walt Disney company. Just keep it clean and civil, and expect to be challenged if you say anything controversial.

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    amongst the loonies


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    Welcome...there is a small contingent of locals on this board who like to occasionally meet up at the park..something to keep in mind

    Also - I've lived in Fl all my life and also have a young one so if you need any help or advise while you get settled in let me know

    I think you'll enjoy it here - everyone is very nice...and open minded
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    Bruins Country!!!
    Welcome to DWT

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    Central Florida!
    I am so jealous that you are living there. I am trying to move there myself.
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    the place where dreams come true...
    Welcome to the site!
    - Jeanne

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    Thanks again everyone...Loving Orlando so far (weather, the nearby beaches, Lake Eola park downtown)...and loving having the attractions in my back yard!!!!

    Orlando has to be a major capital of homeless people however! Never seen so many in my life (this coming from a former Atlantan).

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    Welcome. Just remember the old Mongol proverb, he who speaks the truth is wise to keep one foot in the stirrup.

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    Welcome to the boards!!!
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