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    I don't like spam!
    always plotting, planning, and looking forward to our next adventure...

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    Mine is easy.... It is my nickname and what everyone calls me at work!

    I sometimes also get called Ozzie too (from my surname 'Oswald').

    "Most of my life I have done what I wanted to do. I have had fun on the job.
    I have never been able to confine that fun to office hours." ~ Walt Disney

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    My user name is lilo88 and it's my user name pretty much everywhere. I loved lilo and my birth year is 1988 so there you go lilo88!
    Tiffany~o ~ D23 member

    Sufferer of Disney Vacation Depression

    97'~French Quarter, 99'~CBR, 01'~Movies, 03'~Music/PORriverside/DCL, 05'~POP, 06'~Movies, 08'~Movies, 09'~Disneyland/ Embassy Suites Irvine/ 10'~Music, 12'~LBV Best Western Disney View

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    I came up with mine because i had a huge crush on Peter pan when i was about 10 years old.... Oh wait i still do but Peter Pan is also my favorite movie too so i just am peter pan crazy!
    Disney Family Vacation 2006 -POP Century

    Disney Honeymoon 2007- Dolphin

    Disney Graduation/Anniversary Celebration 2010 Caribbean Beach

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    Spyne has really been a name that has stuck with me since I've joined internet communities such as the great DWT here. See, I'm a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series; perhaps some here know what I'm talking about. Obviously the normal thing to do for most Sonic fans online is to create your own Sonic-style persona; and well, the name of mine is Spyne. It's just been a cool nickname for me as well, unique for most communities I do visit. I guess that's about it, hope you enjoyed my rambling.
    Keep it cool, and keep moving forward!

    Trips to Walt Disney World

    1995: Port Orleans French Quarter - 2000: All-Star Music
    2008: Caribbean Beach - 2009: Pop Century
    NEXT TRIP: Sep/Oct 2011 - WDW's 40th Anniversary!

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