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Introduce Yourself! Discuss Yup...I'm a newbie in the forums; Hey everyone. My name is Kevin and I'm a huge Disney fan. Financially, I can't afford to go to WDW every year like I used to, but I am still ...
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    Yup...I'm a newbie

    Hey everyone. My name is Kevin and I'm a huge Disney fan. Financially, I can't afford to go to WDW every year like I used to, but I am still very much a part of Walt's Dream. I love Disney...always have and always will. When I was younger, I used to end up taking families around the Magic Kingdom because I knew what attractions to hit at any point in the day. People responded to me and it was fun to show people the wonders of WDW. I am looking forward to getting down there this coming September with my boyfriend..who has never been. I'm also planning a trip for next June with a nother friend and family members. People fail to understand my obsession with the Happiest Place on Earth. I guess I've been in love with the escapism it provides us all. You live like a king and leave all your troubles at home. I came across this website very randomly and I am so glad I did. In just a few hours, through viewing posts and taking crosswords, I have learned so many more things than I ever knew. I'm so happy that there is a group of people who simply understand my love for Disney. I sincerely hope that the learning continues and that everyone is as friendly as the few I've already met. Thanks for being who you are...Disney fanatics!!

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    Welcome to the boards, Kevin!

    Por favor mantanganse alijado de las puertas.

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    to the Family! We are glad you are hear, and we hope to be seeing you often. You are among fellow Disnwyites hear!
    See YOU at Disney World,


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    Welcome to DWT!!

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    Welcome to the DWT family!

    Jas: Ha! Kyle beat you!

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    Welcome, I look forward to seeing you around!!
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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