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Introduce Yourself! Discuss Finally people who can relate..... in the forums; In less than 2 weeks I'll be in the Magic Kingdom for the 17th time in 13 years. My kids, 15, 5, and 4 love this time of year. They ...
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    Talking Finally people who can relate.....

    In less than 2 weeks I'll be in the Magic Kingdom for the 17th time in 13 years. My kids, 15, 5, and 4 love this time of year. They have no idea when we are leaving or if we're even going, since I tell them the night before we leave "Oh ya, we have to get up early tomorrow to go to Disney, Mickey says its time". They love it. The trip is so special this year since it's the first time that my dad and brother in law get to join in, so there are 9 of us all together. Normally, its a girls only trip, but since its Easter.....

    I really enjoy this website, its a wonderful place to meet people who have the same love as me. And since I'm always in "Disneymode", I'll be here year round!

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    Welcome to DWT!

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    welcome and have fun in the "homeland"

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    hope you have a wonderful trip and have fun! Also, to the boards!!!
    See YOU at Disney World,


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    to DWT! How exciting for your family! We look forward to hearing about your trip!
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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