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Introduce Yourself! Discuss Goooooood Morning, WDWRadio! in the forums; WDWFigment (Tom) to the WDW Radio forums...
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    Re: Goooooood Morning, WDWRadio!

    WDWFigment (Tom)to the WDW Radio forums
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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    Re: Goooooood Morning, WDWRadio!

    Hey Tom, welcome from Ohio! We're a fun bunch! Hope you enjoy it here!
    I'm about as All-American as they come!
    Must get a new trip on the books! I'm dyin' here!

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    Re: Goooooood Morning, WDWRadio!

    Wow, Tom. Those are some of the most amazing fireworks photos I've ever seen!
    "If you can dream it you can do it."
    -Tom Fitzgerald
    D23 Charter Member

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    Re: Goooooood Morning, WDWRadio!

    Thanks for the welcomes, everyone! I haven't gotten much of a chance to post here much, but I've been busy with the start of school. Hopefully as things calm down with the semester, I can start posting more. I am so behind right now, I haven't listened to the last two weeks of the WDWRadio Show! Now that is bad!!!

    Anyway, we got our trip report posted from our recent trip. It has a ton of pictures, so if you liked the shots you saw there, you should like it. I'm not sure if it's kosher to post links to other boards, but it really is a lot of work re-posting directly, so that's the best option. I apologize in advance if this is contra to board policy or practice.

    Here is the link: WDWFigment's August 2009 Photo Trip Novel - WDWMAGIC.COM Forums

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