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Introduce Yourself! Discuss New and Excited Member in the forums; Hi! I am DisneyPenguin and I am probably the second biggest Disney Fan in my family (my dad is definately number one, mom probably ties for two). I have been ...
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    New and Excited Member

    Hi! I am DisneyPenguin and I am probably the second biggest Disney Fan in my family (my dad is definately number one, mom probably ties for two). I have been to Disney World about 9 times, number ten is coming up here June 11th. I am currently working towards being a school teacher, having just completed my final semester at Penn State University. I live in central PA and can hardly wait to go to beautiful Orlando. I just ordered the Disney Trivia book and am so excited to read it and learn all about the little trivia things I did not know about yet. My last disney vacation was spent looking for hidden mickey's and that in itself was quite exciting and enjoyable so I look forward to reading all about what this new book has in store for me. I am hoping to get engaged during this next disney trip \, hopefully during the Wishes show by my Mickey:mickey: !

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    Welcome to DWT DisneyPenguin!
    always plotting, planning, and looking forward to our next adventure...

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    Welcome to our little family
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    Welcome to the board! Hoping your wishes do come true at WDW.

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    amongst the loonies


    Hope you will find your time here to be fun and rewarding!
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    Welcome. Be sure to join us for chat tonight at 9:00 Eastern Time. Just click on the chat button in the blue stripe across the top of this page (or any other forums page).

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    Welcome to DWT!!

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    Welcome to the disney triva family

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    to the boards DisneyPenguin! Hope your wish is granted! Sounds so romantic!
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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    Welcome.... You'll be going down on my wedding day!! I will be there on the 12th for the honeymoon... I would have LOVED to get engaged at WDW but my BF thought otherwise!!! Well we were only 19 at that time!! I'm lucky he had to $$ to buy a ring let alone taking me to Disney!! I wish you luck!!

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    Welcome to the Family!!!
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    Talking Welcome!

    Hi DisneyPenguin and welcome to the family.

    I'm a newbie here myself, but I already feel right at home with everyone. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here just as much as I have. Congrats on your soon-to-be-engagement. Although, I won't get too excited just yet. I took my girlfriend, now fiance, to WDW in 2003 for her first time and we had a blast together. Hope your Mickey :mickey: pops the big question while you're there, that'll be wonderful. I had thought about proposing in WDW myself, but things didn't work out to us traveling down to Florida, so I jumped the gun and propsed on Christmas day this past year. I couldn't wait any longer! Look forward to reading more from you.

    ~Bobby Jack

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    to our family!!!! And I will keep my fingers crossed that the proposal happens as you WISH!

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