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Introduce Yourself! Discuss All caught up... in the forums; Hi, I'm new on here (obviously!), but have been listening to the Podcast for a few years now. I've been wanting to join the forums for awhile, but wanted to ...
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    All caught up...

    Hi, I'm new on here (obviously!), but have been listening to the Podcast for a few years now.

    I've been wanting to join the forums for awhile, but wanted to be caught up on all previous shows first... anyways, I'm all caught up now, but have no idea how to get started/involved here... any thoughts or advice on how to jump in? Thanks!

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    Re: All caught up...

    I am fairly new here myself, but I would like to welcome you to the happiest forums on earth!

    Honestly, just start searching through threads, maybe give a little game or trivia a try or comment on people's trip reports, pictures, etc. A lot of us hang out in the "Random Thoughts" threads where we just kind of chat, but the more exploring and talking you do, the more fun you will have.

    Glad to have you!

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    Re: All caught up...

    I agree, just start looking through the threads at what interests you and go from there!! Trip reports are fun, games and trivia is fun...random thoughts when you wanna talk to friends!!
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    Re: All caught up...

    Welcome to the boards!
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    Re: All caught up...

    Welcome to the boards!!!
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    Re: All caught up...

    Hello and welcome!!

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    I have never been able to confine that fun to office hours." ~ Walt Disney

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