Hello follow Disney fans. I love all things Disney related to the parks from the food, music, park design, history, etc. While back in Minnesota I try to bring a little piece of Disney magic into my everyday life.

Why Disney Poppy? On one of our trips to Walt Disney World my daughter was looking through the personalized keychains at Mouse Gear to buy me a secret gift. She was looking for a Dad keychain but all she found was Poppy. She through it was funny that they had no Dad keychains but had Poppy. For the rest of the vacation, she jokingly called my Poppy. It become a fun memory. Since then it has become my Disney Dad name. On a later trip she bought the Disney Poppy keychain and gave it to me for Father's Day. I can be found at Twitter as Disney Poppy where I like to share how I live a Disney lifestyle at home.