When it was all over when, Han Xiao began his career in Boston. The team has already begun training as a rookie HAN training efforts. To know is the identity of the Three rookie selected. But in the NBA is full of talented local, this am nothing. You do not know when you will be more talented players to replace. To gain a firm foothold in this competitive league that talent alone is not enough. High pick into the league and then all the way to quiet genius finally has been sinking on the bench too, HAN do not want to become one of the. He particularly serious in training. This allows Rivers was very satisfied.

Although HAN before coming to a little worried, but came to the team, he found a few older players team in the team, he was very taken care of. Pierce, Kevin Garnett, not only on HAN good, they still are interested in learning Chinese want to drink HAN. However, after several attempts, they found that it is somewhat difficult to the last few people will just say "hello" only.

Time flies so fast, suddenly to the time of the preseason, this is completely HAN performance in the warm-up game is very good. Because the HAN not able to participate in the summer league and the team running time is not long enough. Therefore, in the preseason, Rivers let him play for a long time. So good to feel the atmosphere of competition in the NBA. HAN also live up to expectations, averaged 15 points, six rebounds and six assists in a few games to win the achievements. For a time the major media have predicted that the first what will be the excellent performance of HAN in the NBA?

In the long-awaited new NBA season has finally begun!

PS: almost committed a big mistake, but fortunately, I discovered early. Certainly I did not sleep well yesterday to have such a low-level errors. See friends, I am sorry to say something. I have changed. Did not see friends, it would to continue to see! Ha ha!