Just wanted to stop in and say a hi-de hello to all theother Disney-ites out there in the intertwined web of the internet. I guessthis is the part where I can ramble.
My name is Travis, born and live in Louisville, KY. Itís agreat town, not too big, not too small, but just right. Iíve been a big Disneyfan for my entire life, well, cartoons in general. It helped me to discover myfun hobby of drawing as I was drawing Mickey around the age of 3.
After getting in middle and high school, I became more of anďundergroundĒ fan, meaning I was an athlete kind of guy and thought likingDisney wasnít ďcoolĒ. I still remember sneaking into seeing Roger Rabbit hopingno one would see me, but being amazed by the movie.
That continued over the years until we had kids. We startedwatch Disney channel and my love started growing and growing like the woodensnout of Pinocchio (or as I called him as a child Ė Pe-noi-noi). Once my kidslearned I liked to draw, especially Disney characters, well, that bonded uswith Disney.
I then began to discover various Disney podcasts (Louíspodcast being one of them, hence the reason why I decided to start posting onthe boards). I work bymyself at nights doing design work for a major shippingcompany and Disney podcasts definitely get me through the night.
Thatís a nut wrapped up in a shell. Iím supposing I shouldmention Iím married with 2 kids (Aiden and Audrey Ė where I basically got myforum name, not from the professional wrestler). They all love Disney, but notas much as dad as I could just live in a cot in a closet inside Disney world.
Iíll post some of mine, but I would love to see othersDisney art if you love to draw. I donít really ďtweetĒ, but love to followother Disney fans. Iím @DisneyDadTrav onTwitter. Donít expect to get anygroundbreaking Tweets or anything, Iím more of a follower. But if you have aneat tweet, Iíll be happy to give you a retweet.

Take care and make mine Marve, er Disney.