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Introduce Yourself! Discuss Greetings from Clermont, Florida! in the forums; While I could most likely type a massive essay introducing myself and only focus on Disney, I will try to make this semi-short. I, as many here do as well, ...
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    Greetings from Clermont, Florida!

    While I could most likely type a massive essay introducing myself and only focus on Disney, I will try to make this semi-short. I, as many here do as well, have loved Disney since I was born and never lost that love. While I spent most of my childhood in the Seattle area, one of my grandmothers lived in Anaheim, California, and we all know what that means: fairly regular trips down there to see her and, of course, see Disneyland. From her house, we could literally see the fireworks at night from her backyard. From as young as I can remember up until maybe 12 years old, we would visit about once a year, and spend at least a day or two at Disney. The only one who loved it maybe more than I did, was my grandmother who said it simply brought her happiness to see others so happy. Sadly, time marches on and she eventually passed (quite awhile ago now), but around the age of 14, my family (dad, mom, and sister) did what many dream of: the family vacation to Orlando strictly for Disney World! As I said at first, I could go into extreme detail, but to say my jaw hit the floor the second we crossed onto Disney property and saw the purple signs is an understatement. Looking back on it all, probably one of the best weeks of my life. This was around 1991, maybe 1992. We stayed on property, did it all, and even had time to take a side journey to Kennedy Space Center the day before flying back (also awesome!). Out of nowhere, a few years later, my parents decided to move to Florida. They liked the area so much, they decided it was time to try something new. Thankfully they both have jobs that are easily employable, a house was found fairly rapidly, and all in all, it took about a year from beginning to end. Winter Springs in Seminole County was my new home. And for those that are local or know the area, that meant all the theme parks were more or less 'right down the street.' I started going to Disney on a fairly regular basis, and it's never stopped. I'm clearly older now, have an annual pass, now live in Clermont which is even closer as I can go from my front door to Disney property within ten minutes, and I do so typically at least once a week, but never less than once every two weeks (work and such can get in the way). My theater of choice is the AMC at Downtown Disney, and as a matter of fact, as soon as I submit this, I am heading out the door to go there. I found WDWRadio about a month ago and fell in love with the podcast. It truly shocked me how great it was. I expected something above average as I had heard positive things, but never something this good. While I do not have an exact 'top three' podcasts or anything, it IS one of the very few out all I subscribe to that the second it downloads, I have to listen to it. It's just that good. It is also one of only two podcasts that I am going through the entire back episodes and listening to them all (gone through about 30 so far). So, anyway, just wanted to say hello, and I am so glad that I found this place. I hope everyone is well, and, as I said, heading out to Downtown Disney right now!
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    Re: Greetings from Clermont, Florida!


    I grew up in Mount Dora, not too far down the road from Clermont. My brother went to Lake Sumter Community College.

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    Re: Greetings from Clermont, Florida!

    Hello and welcome

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