Hey Everyone,
My name is Bobby Friedman, and I have been a fan of the WDW Radio Show for about a year and half. I have heard pretty much all of the shows, multiple times. I've always wanted to be a part of this community, but never had the guts to join it. I am a young adult from Ocean County New Jersey, and I'm going to the local Community College. I love everything Disney, and Walt Disney is one of my role models. I grew up about 20 mins away from Disneyland, and was an avid visitor . Than My Father Passed away and I had to move back to Jersey, were I was born, and now live with My grandparents. I have been to DisneyWorld A hand full of times. The first time I went I was almost 2 and the last time I went was 5 years ago. I really want to go soon, and I will be as soon as we save enough money to go. I love everything at Disney World, but my favorite park is Epcot, and I to wish that some things were still there. Despite my age I am an old school Disney kind of guy. Even though I haven"t been able to see a lot of things, I still get to experience them through Lou and other places online. I am a very creative person, and I want that to be part of my job. I think I may want to be a writer. Maybe Scripts, sports or for music. My dream Job is to be an Imagineer. I want to write the stories for Disney Attractions and Whatnot. I also just joined the box as well. I was so sad when I herd that yesterdays broadcast was canceled. I hope Lou shows us what happened on a video. I hope to be a part of this community, have fun, and learn more about Disney, and other Disney fans.