Hello from Washington, DC! I've been listening to Lou for over a year now, since just before my second -- yes, only second -- trip to WDW in June 2013 (I went once in 2004 and again for xmas 2013), even went to the Valley Forge meet a few months ago. So I thought it was time I hopped online and said "hi" in the forums and perhaps the Box.

Alas, I never went to Disney World (or Land) as a kid
and though I've grown up with the "new" movies from the 80s/90s/now, I missed out on many of the old classics (seriously -- this year I've watched Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Swiss Family Robinson for the first time...Cinderella and the Aristocats are up next). So, now I'm making up for lost time! I'm going back and listening to all of Lou's old WDW Radio podcasts; man, those early ones were long! And soaking in as much Disney as I can. My girlfriend thinks I'm a bit crazy, but I think she also realizes that Disney -- and especially going to WDW -- just makes me Happy. It's really that simple. I guess I'm having the childhood I never got (um, only 30+ years late...!). But I wanted to say it's great seeing all of you and knowing I'm not the only "Disney nut" out there.

Ok, back to planning our next WDW trip for Labor Day!