Hello! So once upon a time I was very active on websites with forums. Then I wasn't - but that's neither here nor there. I am a huge fan of Lou and WDW Radio, and can't wait to get plugged in here as time allows.

I am a SAHM to three little Disney fans (twin girls almost 6 and baby brother 2). My husband and I have been married ten years this month and we are, as many of you may be, "the Disney family" to all who know us.

I am a musician and writer in my "spare time" and finally had the courage after a very specific WDW Radio podcast episode to combine my two loves and start a Disney site of my own. It's not designed to be the go-to resource for trip planning and news (there are already so many wonderful sites for that!) but instead is about how we do Disney - both on our trips - and get ourselves through to the next time

We live in Cincinnati but DH knows that if ever he doesn't love his job, we are moving South!