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    Hello WDW Radio World

    I am pretty new to Disneyworld with my first trip in June of 2012 and my second Sept 2013. My next trip is set for the first week in Dec 2014 for 7 nights (hope we can see Lou for the WDW Radio meet of the month)! I have 4 kids 8 and under. The trip in Dec will be the first with all 4 kids. My family lives and works in Nebraska, so we do not get the WDW that often but every time we’ve gone has been magical!

    I have listen to Lou for about 1 year and really enjoy his podcast. I must say I also love his videos from the parks, the top 5 foods, and snacks and so on. Recently, I started to listen to some of the first podcasts. Show 5 with guest Charles Ridgway is a show you have to listen to and honestly I will probably listen to it again down the road. It gave me that feeling of actually being in the park on open day.
    I look forward to learning new things about the parks each week. I am also a new subscriber to Celebrations Press, and have found it to be a great magazine!
    Thanks for the warm welcome! Joe
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    Re: Hello WDW Radio World

    Welcome to the boards.

    Ask questions, contribute and most of all enjoy your time here.
    "Life is an occassion. Rise to it."- Mr. Magorium
    "Welcome Home"- Best words you'll ever hear when you check in at a Disney Resort

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    Re: Hello WDW Radio World

    Hello fellow Disney fan

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