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Introduce Yourself! Discuss Allow myself to Introduce Myself in the forums; Greetings All, I want to first off say that I find these mesage boards very informative. now My Introduction..I am a 27 Yearold from SOuth West Florida (born and raised). ...
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    Allow myself to Introduce Myself

    Greetings All,
    I want to first off say that I find these mesage boards very informative. now My Introduction..I am a 27 Yearold from SOuth West Florida (born and raised). I like living here because I am not that far from orlando. My Girlfriend and I will going to be going to Walt Disney World Resort from June 30 - July 4. I will be celbrating my Birthday that weekend. Any hints or tips, or know of any shwag I can get for my B-Day. I look foward to hearing back.

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    Hope you will find your time here to be fun!

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    to the DWT Family HrCollectibles! Hope you enjoy your time here!

    As far as getting extra attention and tips for your birthday celebration at WDW....definitely stop by Guest Relations and get a birthday button no matter what park you are in. If you are going to be making ADR's for any meals while at the parks, be sure to have that info added to your reservation. We usually have special shirts made for our special occassions. Last year we were there for my Son's 5th birthday and we all wore matching shirts saying so! He got a lot of extra special attention for that!

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    Hi HrCollectibles!
    to our DWT family! Definitely go with Melissa's advice and get a bday button. I've never been fortunate enough to go to WDW on my bday, but have seen others with there with their bday badges and the CMs certainly pay attention and treat them special. Look forward to hearing more about and from you... Now sit back, relax and KEEP HAVING FUN!
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    Hello and welcome to our DWT Family!!

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    Hello & Hope you enjoy your time on the boards ..Hope you have a great time & a great Birthday in Disneyworld :mickey:

    I Belle

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    Welcome this is a great place to hang if you love disney
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    Welcome to the boards!!!
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