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Introduce Yourself! Discuss Hi all in the forums; Wanted to say hello I have been reading this board for a while and I love so I figured I would join. Now I have BIG question...... My girl and ...
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    Exclamation Hi all

    Wanted to say hello I have been reading this board for a while and I love so I figured I would join. Now I have BIG question...... My girl and I are going to Disney World Feb 10. I am going to ask her to marry me while we are there. Does anybody know of a good way for me to get the RING down there? I really don't want to put it in the luggage and I don't wanna take it as carry on in case we get stopped you know. So i was looking for some ideas on that.... thanks

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    Hi Jedi, to DWT!! Congratulations on your upcoming engagement!! It's so exciting! I don't know what to tell you about getting the ring there, I don't think you have many choices other then either putting it in your luggage or on your person. I wouldn't mail it ahead of you. What I would do is get the ring insured (I believe you need a seperate policy, ask your insurance agent) and then I would put it in your luggage and hope for the best. Do you know yet how you are going to pop the question ?? Here are some ideas for you if you need them..... or
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    Jedi Sparrow

    Hope you will find your time here to be fun!
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    thank you thank you...... i will look at those. I was thinking about right in front of the Castle. Because that is her fav spot in the park. You are right i might just have to hold it with me an hope for the best.... with the ring that is LOL

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    Hi Jedi Sparrow!

    to the DWT family! How romantic! I wanted to propose to my wife at WDW, but because of time and money issues I wasn't able to do so. My proposal was still very special to us so it all worked out, but I wanted to ask her to marry me in WDW so bad. I took her to WDW for the first time in her life and she loved it! Hope you continue to enjoy your time here with us! Good luck with your proposal and getting your ring transported safely. I would go for the insured route too and hope all is OK.

    ~ PumpkinJack81 / Super Ober / Mr. Bobby / DWT Newsletter Editor

    PS - Let us know how it goes!
    ~Bobby Jack

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    I'm thinking that you should do at night, while's so romantic!

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    My DH wanted to ask me in WDW too, but he was also afraid to take the ring. He ended up waiting until the day we returned.
    I wouldn't put the ring in the luggage. What about keeping it close to you. In your wallet wrapped in tissue maybe? or in it's box in your carry on bag.
    We were married at the Yacht and Beach Club gazebo, it is a very quiet and romantic spot to also propose.
    Good Luck! make sure you report back to us.

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    to DWT, Jedi Sparrow! That's a really good question, about the ring. In your luggage, it's out of your control once you check the bag. In your carry-on might be best, if you keep a real close eye on it. On your person might work, unless she's the suspicious type who rifles your pockets just to see if you happen to be carrying something like that (like me - guilty!)

    Maybe ask your jeweler? They may have a suggestion or know another way to safely get a ring from here to there.

    Not as perfect would be to have a substitute for the ring for the proposal at the castle, and then give her the real one when you return (you could propose all over again then). I think Disney has a phone number for Disney Weddings, they might be able to give you some more ideas and advice, too.

    Good luck!!!!
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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    Welcome to the boards!!!
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    My husband didn't propose at Disney, but he did have to bring the ring with him from NC to Louisiana. I wasn't with him though so he didn't have to worry about me seeing it. The airline did lose his luggage so it was good he didn't pack it in a suitcase. You should propose as Wishes is just beginning. Very magical!


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    YO! Welcome, to the boards. I see you are from my area, are you a red sox fan?

    Have fun and post a lot.
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