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    Welcome to the boards, and happy posting!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xLAxDiiixDAHx View Post
    No problem
    It was lots of fun actually... I learned a lot about the Castle!
    I'm finding the same to be true of my research of the other castles too! The Castle Watch project started out as a suggestion by another member, then turned into a kind of pet project of mine. Admittedly it slowed down tremendously once I finished up the American Castles and started trying to research the ones overseas, but it's still entertaining research.

    I have to say though that in all the reading up I've done on the castles recently, the one fact that still suprises me the most is just how small the original castle at Disneyland in Anaheim really is in comparison to its sister castles around the world. I mean... it's only 77 feet tall? That shocks me like none other. Maybe it's just because I've never been out to the west coast to see Disneyland, but from my experience here at WDW, I can't imagine Magic Kingdom without the castle being the the tallest structure... the gigantic visual icon that can be seen from almost anywhere in the park.

    So even though I am struggling a bit to get all of this research and stuff done and keep the articles coming, I love reading up on this kind of stuff. I guess I figure that if I have to research something, it might as well be something I love, right?
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