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Miscellaneous Discuss Eragon in the News & Rumors forums; I know it isnt Disney but Has anyone seen Eragon yet? I really want to see it and my friend said the book is really good....
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    I know it isnt Disney but Has anyone seen Eragon yet?
    I really want to see it and my friend said the book is really good.

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    all the way at the bottem of the main forum page there is a general discussion thread... But no i havent. And welcome to the forum your gonna love it here.
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    I REALLY want to see it too
    I think theres gonna be 3 movies
    (Well thats what I heard)

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    Not close enough to the magic
    I think the movie Eragon looks stupid

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    I read the book and loved it. The movie was no where near as good as the book. I'm not even sure if the movie was good because most of the time I was thinking about how much better the book is. The special effects were great, but my imagination is better. I wish the movie had followed the book closer. The movie cut out a lot. I will probably see the movie again when it comes out on DVD and then I can decide if it was any good. I would rather just read the book again though.
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