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Miscellaneous Discuss Your Favorite WDW Moment in 2006! in the News & Rumors forums; Since today is the last day of 2006, I thought it would be nice to think back on the year and have us all share our favorite memory in WDW ...
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    Your Favorite WDW Moment in 2006!

    Since today is the last day of 2006, I thought it would be nice to think back on the year and have us all share our favorite memory in WDW this year!

    For me it was in May when my husband and I went to the Adventurer's Club for the first time. We had a total blast there!!! It was just a happy, fun time for my husband and I.



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    Me and my dad went down to WDW in April.. that was the best time i ever had with my dad... He married someone (against what i wanted) and she has 3 kids (whom i dont like) and its always like i have to be pushed to go and visit him... Although this trip was the best time I had ever had with my dad.
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    In the year 2006 it would still be difficult for me to narrow it down to one moment.
    I will say that swimming with dolphins during the girls trip in February was awesome!
    But attending Mickey's Very MErry Christmas Party with my niece in December, was awesome too!
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    For me this year is is a tos up between three things. IN Jan06 my wife and I went to Disney on our first trip since I got home from Iraq. IN October we went with friends and did Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, and also in October I did Dive Quest fopr the first time. It was agreat years with so many great meoments to choose from!

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    Your Favorite WDW Moment in 2006!

    1. Taking my nieces in June 2006 - it was the first time they ever flew on
    a plane and went on a vacation without their parents

    2. Seeing friends during Mousefest 2006 - December

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    I would have to say the times spent with my friends both during my May birthday trip and the Dec trip

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    I think I'd have to say my fave WDW moment of 2006 was when my hubby and I went to the Food and Wine Festival for our 2nd honeymoon. First, it was the first trip in 13 years without the kids. And second, when we got to Epcot we went straight to WS to eat and drink. We breezed past all the stuff in FW including M:S, Soarin', Test Track, etc., etc. And as we arrived in Canada I remember thinking how great it was to breeze by all that stuff to go do exactly what we wanted without the kids whining about what they wanted to do. Since then we've had a trip where the boys were allowed to go off on their own almost all the time, but this was the first time in a long time for us to be in WDW by ourselves and it was great to go back to the park we first shared together and be there together and alone again. Truly magical!

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    well my entire trip in aug was pretty great but if i had to pick one moment it would have been when we rode cinderella's golden bro rode on the prince's horse and i was on cinderella's...with our parents behind was just a pretty neat little moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flutter View Post
    I would have to say the times spent with my friends both during my May birthday trip and the Dec trip
    Ditto what Tracy said!
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    Taking the DGS to the MK for the first time---Priceless!!!
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    finally getting to go around by myself. haha. last year i at least got to walk w/ my sister. er last last year, well you get it. well its nice that we dont have to agree on one ride anymore, and that we know the place well enough to get around without eachother.

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    I have 2 favorites from our December trip.

    1. On the night we went to MVMCP, I surprised DH by setting him up to be veteran of the day. He was totally surprised and loved it.

    2. He surprised me the next day by asking if my daughter and I could ride up front on the Monorail on the way to Epcot. It was really cool!
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    my whole trip in march, it was my first stay on property. now i can say i see whats so great about it, cant wait to do it again!

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    Getting to meet some awesome people here from DWT that will be great friends for a lifetime.


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    My trip in December was pretty awesome. I was a little unsure about meeting "strange" people from the internet but I got to meet some great people who I hope to see someday again!

    It was also nice to spend some time alone with my brother. We don't ever get to do that. It was very nice to laugh and see him relaxed.

    It was also nice to be able to walk around Epcot and MK by myself for a little bit. I have never been on vacation by myself and it was so nice and relaxing! I would like to do that again.

    I also got to make my 2007 reservations for my youngest boys first trip! There is nothing like that! I can't wait to see the magic in their eyes.

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