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Canadian Press

Walt Disney may be best known for making kids' cartoons but he gets serious treatment in the exhibition Once Upon a Time Walt Disney, arriving March 8 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition comes to the museum -- its only North American stop -- from a run at Paris's Grand Palais, known more for its Renoirs and Manets than American cartoons.

Bruno Girveau, the show's chief curator, says Disney productions were "profoundly influenced" by the art of Gustave Dore, the German romantic painters, symbolists and English pre-Raphaelites, as well as early Flemish painters and expressionist film.

The exhibition, running until June 24, concentrates on the animated feature films produced under Disney's supervision, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to Jungle Book (1967). It also looks at Disney's influences on contemporary art, from Warhol to Lichtenstein.

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