Hey guys. I have been very into the disney online/podcast community for some time, and recently, I have had the urge to start my own podcast. There are many great podcasts (WDW Radio Show of course!) that deal with the regular Disney topics and in my opinion, it would be pointless to put another one out after some of these guys do it so well. What I was thinking was a podcast just based on Disney music, parks and movies alike. What I'm asking is, would anyone be interested in being my co-host, or just contributing any sort of material? We would be discussing soundtracks, new sounds popping up at the parks, old, but not forgotten park music and BGM and all aspects of sounds within the Disney Company.

As far as a co-host goes, I need someone that would be dedicated enough to be able to record a show every week, have the technical know-how to do some audio editing, possibly some website work and of course recording. They also may have to lay down some money to get some equipment, if you already have some, that is a big plus. A must is of course having a large amount of Disney Audio and information, the more the better.