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Miscellaneous Discuss 4th of July Question in the News & Rumors forums; Is there anything that any of the parks do on the 4th ( special fireworks )?...
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    4th of July Question

    Is there anything that any of the parks do on the 4th ( special fireworks )?

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    I know MGM has a special fireworks display and I think the MK and EPCOT do to. SSE has images of landmarks in the USA on the outside.

    HERES A TIP: Avoid the MK and Epcot on the 4th!!!!! Every1 wants to be in those two parks and u can't even move without bumping into some1. The wait for Splash Mt. was 3 hrs! my family left and went to MGM. It was like a ghostown there. At 2 o clock the wait for the TOT and RRC were only 10 minutes.

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    i have been told by the people im going with the week of july 4th that there is a special fireworks show at MGM that day. also that the parks will be open extra late. all of that was listed on but feel free to look into it for yourself... see ya there!!!

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    idk why everyone thinks that MK is so crowded on 4th of July. my family went one time and it was just a tiny bit more crowded than usual. and we stayed to watch the fireworks and thats when it got crowded. but it didnt matter because the fireworks were 360 degrees around you

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