Alright I know that this wont seem disney related but it actually is if you read it all the way through... So please dont move it... Everyone on the board needs to view this and it would be really kewl if the administration would email all users about this problem... Here is the message

This is a HUGE problem. And by July 15 it could just be the end of Internet Radio. I know lots of you think that it doesnt effect you at all but you wont be able to hear ANY of your music live online anymore. No more sorcerer radio! No more Extinct Attractions Radio. And no more internet radio IN GENERAL! YOU ALL NEED TO GO TO WWW.SAVENETRADIO.ORG and help save net radio Call your congress members and tell them to support the Internet Equality Act.

And Podcasters please go to and download a Save Net Radio Audio PSA and put it in your show before its to late!

Thank you for your support!!!!

I really would appreciate it if the administration didnt yell at me about this... I find this to be a huge problem in the Disney Online Community! I love Sorcerers Radio and Extinct Attractions Radio and I dont want to see them go!!!!