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Miscellaneous Discuss How have you Disneyfied your house? in the News & Rumors forums; So Disney fans are really passionate about all things Disney. So what do you have in your house to show it? I have lots of Disney frames with pictures of ...
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    How have you Disneyfied your house?

    So Disney fans are really passionate about all things Disney. So what do you have in your house to show it? I have lots of Disney frames with pictures of Disney trips in them. Couple Mickey framed mirrors. One stained glass MIckey lamp. I'm a huge Mickey fan so I have a couple Mickeys here and there. Mickey/Minnie throw blanket. I'm sure I can come up with a few more....
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    I have one bathroom that has been decorated with Disney memorabilia, and the guest room is housing my growing Mickey plush collection as well as 2 Disney framed artwork; one is a limited edition cell. There are other little things around the house, but I really can't complete with most true Disney collectors.
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    I collect the ink & paint collection animation cels from the Disney MGM Studios Animation Gallery. They have all been professionally framed and I am in big trouble with my wife because we are running out of wall space. Its fun and not just another t-shirt as a souvenir from our trips. They remind me of the beginnings of the Walt Disney Company and just how amazing I find animation--thousands of drawings to make a movie or cartoon.
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    Most people have beautiful landscapes or portraits hanging in their living rooms. Not us!!!! Here's what we have...

    We bought the first 2 at auction about 9 or 10 years ago for a song!!

    And this one wass given to us by my brother and his wife a couple of years ago. It hangs over the couch.

    We also have a complete Mickey bathroom set (shower curtain, soap dish, toothbrush holder, towels, etc.) I'm sure more will be added over the years. OH, and we also have enough Disney ornaments that we will be having a Disney Tree in addition to our traditional Christmas Tree this year. We even have a Tinkerbell topper!!

    Sorry for the picture size. I'll try to resize them later.
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    Our kitchen is done in Mickey Mouse, The bathroom in Nemo (I had a tiki room one at the last house) The DD's bedroom is mostly Little Mermaid with some My Little Pony thrown in. My bedroom is just a hodge podge of Disney stuff and we are working on Disney dragons for The BF's bedroom(work in progress) Living room is geared toward AK.
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    Not a lot so far - but as soon as I am pregnant I want to make a start on the nursery!! Winnie the pooh to start with, then Toy Story if its a boy, or Princesses if its a girl. Oh, and all my Xmas decorations are Disney!

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    I have enough stuff for about 5 Disney themed rooms...all in storage. Once I get a place I'll have:

    - A Lilo and Stitch/ Tiki themed bedroom
    - A Ratatouille Kitchen
    - An Eeyore bathroom
    - A Disney Movie office (covers a lot of movies)
    - A Winne the Pooh Dining room

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    Two years ago my office/playroom became the "Disney Room" when we finally realized just how much Disney memorabilia we'd accumulated. The agreement at the time was that Mickey could stay in that room, and the rest of the house would be mouse-free. Well, that just didn't last long! With the exception of the downstairs bathroom (well, there are Disney resort soaps under the sink) and the upstairs hallway, there's something Disney everywhere. My favorite though has to be the shower curtain in the upstairs bathroom - it's from the Polynesian Resort, and has hidden Mickeys on it, and it just makes me smile.
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    My mother decorates her Christmas tree all Disney. I'm trying to find a picture to post, I will as soon as I find it.
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    My room is Tinker bell with some Bratz thown in it
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    this was my daughters nursery.. it has a castle in it now and less a crib.. and these were taken before she was born 2 years ago so he collection has grown quite a bit!

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    wow chrissy...your daughters room looks like so much fun!!! lol...i love it....

    when i was little i had an all little mermaid bedroom...our basement shelves are just covered in my sisters and my disney stuffed animals...there must be over 100 down there...our kitchen saltshakers are minnie and mickey in a red convertible...and there are way too many disney picture frames around the house to mention...we too have a disney xmas tree...we keep a regular one in our living room...and then in the family room we had a four foot tree that is all disney...but last year we upgraded to a full sized tree bc we just couldnt fit all of our disney ornaments on the tree topper is cinderellas castle...we even have a few strands lights w/ mickey & friends strung across...

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    i dont have specific disney rooms... but i should! lol my dining room has a huge Sorcerers Mickey Puzzle on the wall and a Tigger Puzzle waiting to be hung. In my husbands curio cabinet that i bought for him, i took half it over for my disney snow globes. i have 2 other shelves in the same room with more snow globes. in my living room i have mickey candle holders (halloween but i dont care! LOL) knick knacks here and there and a huge 100 years lithograph poster hung up. up my stairs i have more lithographs hung up and one more to be hung up (the Sorcerers Mickey from the Disney Store). In my master bedroom its decorated in yellow and blue and stars and moons, but i just should have painted it red, black and yellow! lol i have one full book shelf and 2 shelves filled with my mickeys, stuffed and ceramic. My "dream" when I get a bigger house is to have my own office/scrapbook room and my disney stuff will all go in there and it WILL be painted red, yellow and yellow with black furniture. DREAM!!!!!!
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    We put all of our pins in framed shadow boxes and have them hung on one of the walls, we have mickey and dumbo pillows on one of the couches.

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    In the downstairs bathroom of my house we have paintings of Disney Vero Beach. We have salt and pepper shakers from the Contemporary, and I have tons of disney plushes! We have a lot of disney pens, and magnets as well. Plus, we always have our picture albums from Disney out to look at, those are the most recent years, the ones from when I was really little (2 to 6ish) are in my parents room. We also have some disney pillows, and a tigger tissue box holder/cover in the bathroom. We don't have much "assigned" disney space, but it's never hard to find something Disney related in my house. Recently, we were thinking about getting some of the old disney fabric from Mousesavers (I think) but we didn't end up getting it. What I love most about having disney stuff around is that it reminds me of how much fun WDW is, and it always makes me smile when i see it.
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