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Miscellaneous Discuss pal mickey in the News & Rumors forums; Ok, sorry I lied! I completely forgot about the new sorcerer mickey model! Also, I think mine is one of the originals so I don't even think mine updates at ...
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    Ok, sorry I lied! I completely forgot about the new sorcerer mickey model! Also, I think mine is one of the originals so I don't even think mine updates at all, he just says the same stuff.

    If I lied on anything else let me know and correct it for me!
    - Matt
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    I lied too! Mine did come in the Sorcerer outfit, but we bought the pirate outfit at the same time and changed him into it right away.

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    Yes, this all helps. THANKS EVERYONE!

    Now, if I can just get the sorcerer's outfit that would be cool.

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    No one seems to have mentioned the negatives here, so I'll take on that responsibility. Don't get me wrong. I love my Pal Mickey. He was a gift, and I was very excited to use him. I no longer take him to the park each time because the jokes have gotten old, and it's just one more thing to carry when I'm trying to limit my load.
    I have an original model with red shorts and just a clip to hang from a belt. The clip was a great idea had it not been for the fact that Pal Mickey hopped off belts at mention of magic. I nearly lost Pal Mickey on the first ride I went on. I realized that he'd popped off my belt before we left the building, but I was frantic to get him back before someone called him their own. I made a harness for him and hooked him on a lanyard before the lanyard version came out. My invention helps to distribute his weight between the lanyard and a hook on my belt. Which brings to mind that Pal Mickey can get pretty heavy for an all day trip to the park. Another downside to Pal Mickey is the fact that unless they have changed the design, you'll need a phillips screwdriver, a small one, to remove the battery cover to change the batteries. Unless Pal Mickey is new, I'd change his batteries before going to the park. You may need to turn off Pal Mickey if you are going into a quiet restaurant, or an attraction where his voice would disrupt the program. Pal Mickey is difficult to hear in the park while walking down Main Street, but his voice is loud and strong in quiet areas. He started yelling, "The British are coming! The British are coming," when we were sitting in the Rose and Crown.
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    I have 3 boys....3,6 and 8. Does anyone have advice on getting more then 1...I'm afraid if I just buy 1 pal mickey they will be fighting over it the whole time, so I'm thinking it may be worth the money to have a peaceful vacation.

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    I would think just getting one would be fine - otherwise all three would be trying to talk at the same time!
    DBF and i just take turns on who gets to hold him each day in the parks

    I think you will have to buy one from eBay now as there are none left in the parks or any outfits (i recently bought the PM poncho outfit for less than $5 so there are some available!)

    Luv & Pixie Dust

    Barbie x

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