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Miscellaneous Discuss What's the funniest thing you've seen at Disney? in the News & Rumors forums; I'm talking "life moments" that you've witnessed... We were at MGM a couple of weeks ago. We kept seeing these men dressed in orange wraps. I assume they were monks ...
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    Smile What's the funniest thing you've seen at Disney?

    I'm talking "life moments" that you've witnessed...

    We were at MGM a couple of weeks ago. We kept seeing these men dressed in orange wraps. I assume they were monks or something in that arena. I heard no English spoken and they were being guided by a guy dressed in street clothes and some CM's were attending to them. Turns out there were like 30-40 of them in the group all dressed in these orange wraps. We watch the big group walk by us in a line no less on the way to Tower of Terror. We were ready for another go at it and got in line too. They took them in the Fast Pass line as a group and we watched curiously as they entered the library, etc. When we come out of the library we catch sight of them again in the lines to the elevators. They load most of them on one elevator and I'm praying that we're going to get out in time to see their picture down in the basement. Well, as luck would have it we got off just ahead of them. Up pops their picture - I'm expecting these "serene, holy" men to be losing it screaming/laughing in the pic just like we do every time we ride - but NO - up pops the picture of 30 straight faced men serenely staring straight ahead - NO emotion whatsoever. LOL We were in awe. So, off they come still in their little line - they file past the picture - look up at it - no expression still. I'm just standing there with my mouth open that they aren't chattering on the way we are when we got off TOT! So we head through the shop and back around to line up again - from the large group we almost get stampeded as about half of them run back to line up again! LOL - they apparently loved it as much as we do!!

    So - what have you witnessed???

    All the best Disney days to you!

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    LOL...very cute story Mike. Now you need a t-shirt saying "I rode the TOT but all I got was run over by monks" LOL
    It's a Disney thing. If you understood, your only question would be "can I go?"


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    *waits for someone to post a story that starts with "I went on the Jungle Cruise and has this really good looking skipper . . ."*

    Try telling corny jokes to them on a boat for 10 minutes. They were polite and quiet, but just too quiet that kinda gave me the chills as they kept staring at me. Usually I'm used to ackward stares, especially from foreigners that don't speak any English, but I guess their wraps just creeped me out for some reason I can't explain. (Probably same way any large group of brightly colored T-shirts following one guy with a flag?) Anyhoo, they just sat there, everyone was more interested in them rather than my bad jokes, (or wondering if they've showered while they've been down here?) That was probably one of the mose lackluster cruises I've ever done. Ugh.

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    Waaaaay back when there were canoe rides going around Tom Sawyer Island, my dd, dh and I got on the ride with how ever many other riders would fit. We're paddling away with the cm at the front and back, and all of a sudden we look around and realize that the three of us and the two cm's are the ONLY people paddling. The rest of the "crew" were just along for the ride. We thought it was pretty funny, but on-lookers must have had a good laugh as well.

    Are there good looking skippers on the Jungle Cruise? Oh wait, I could use that one on the other thread.
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    We were waiting in the line to see Mickey Mouse right behiond thsi family with two very little kids may 4 or so. I don't think they reallt understood what they qwere in line for because as they come up to their turn to see Mixckey the littlest one drops the autograph book and screeches out MICKEY MOUSE!!! Everyone in line laughed.

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    Oh my god we saw them too .. and It seemed live each day the park we were at THEY WERE there too!
    We were watching the Stars and Motor Cars parade .. and they across the street from us .. All of us are giggling and having a great time .. they were as Solomn as could be !!
    Kind of Creepy


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