I have just completed the first of several fanfic stories which can be found in the ARTICLES section of this website "The Incredibles Mysteries" it is based on the superhero characters from the Disney Pixar movie who portray the detective sleuths of Mystery Incorporated from the Scooby Doo cartoon shows such as the following...

Bob Parr "Mr Incredible" as Fred Jones
Helen Parr "Elastic Girl" as Daphne Blake
Buddy Pines "Syndrome" as Shaggy Rogers
Lucius Best "FroZone" as Velma Dinkley
*Aleu* as Scooby Doo

Aleu is the female wolf character from the BALTO 2 Wolf's Quest animated movie, the sequel to the first BALTO animated film. The first episode is titled "Farmyard Fright" and here is a brief introduction...

"Aleu and her superfriends of Metroville are on a farm, exploring a 3D maze made from corn, that is. But when a sinister scarecrow morphs to life and kidnaps Elastic Girl, it's the last straw so to speak! Time for the shewolf mascot, her master Syndrome, Mr Incredible and FroZone to track down the haunted scarecrow and their missing ally"

In the following episodes that I'll be writing for this website, on other occasions it would be the Parr Family embarking on case solving mysteries such as the following...

Bob Parr as Fred Jones
Helen Parr as Daphne Blake
Dash Parr as Shaggy Rogers
Violet Parr as Velma Dinkley
*Balto* as Scooby Doo

Balto is the wolf character of the first BALTO animated movie and its two sequels "Wolf's Quest" and "Wings of Change"