I have just completed the first of many new fanfic stories to be posted on the WaltDisneyWorldTrivia page titled "The Incredibles Mysteries" based on the superhero characters from the Disney Pixar animated film who portray the Mystery Incorporated detectives, they are the following...

Bob Parr "Mr Incredible" as Fred Jones
Buddy Pines "Syndrome" as Shaggy Rogers
Lucius Best "FroZone" as Velma Dinkley
Helen Parr "Elastic Girl" as Daphne Blake
*Aleu* and *Balto* as Scooby Doo

Aleu and Balto are the wolf characters from the BALTO animated movie and its sequel "Wolf's Quest" There is another BALTO animated movie sequel coming on VHS-DVD this February titled "Wings of Change"

The first story I've completed is called "Farmyard Fright" and many more will follow ASAP...feel free to let me know if any other members of this webpage get the chance to read my story and what you think of it.