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Miscellaneous Discuss what to wear? in the News & Rumors forums; i am going to wdw in a few days and i dnt know what to wear... i have never been to florida and i dont know what to wear in ...
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    what to wear?

    i am going to wdw in a few days and i dnt know what to wear... i have never been to florida and i dont know what to wear in winter in florida. can someone please help me?i dont want to cart a sweater around all day if i dont need to.

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    Well, you can start by checking the weather forecast for the days of your trip at either or I just looked and it looks like 70s/80s highs and the 60/upper 50s low.

    WDW is very variable with weather in December....meaning you could be wearing shorts and tank tops down to long pants and a coat. I've been there when the temps were close to 90 and high humidity down to the low 50s. It can get even cooler than that. This time of year after checking the forecast, I have learned it is best to be able to layer your clothes. It could be chilly in the morning and the evening but warm in the afternoon.

    Have a great trip.
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    Clothes would be good....LOL

    Sorry couldn't resist.

    Florida's weather is very iffy. When I lived there we used to have the joke "If you don't like the weather wait about 5 minutes it'll change"
    It can get very cold but that is usually for short durations in January and February.

    In December you will want light jackets, but also some warm weather wear. It will be cool one day and warm the next. It will be cool in the evening and hot at noon.

    Hope you enjoy your trip.

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    like everyone has already said, our weather changes quickly. one day it'll be 80 something and the next it's barely reaching 70. use weather underground's site. it's disney's zipcode, u can keep checking it for ur trip

    Orlando, Florida (32830) Conditions & Forecast : Weather Underground

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    Be prepared to dress in layers; the weather can be anywhere on the scale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tawnilai View Post
    i am going to wdw in a few days and i dnt know what to wear... i have never been to florida and i dont know what to wear in winter in florida. can someone please help me?i dont want to cart a sweater around all day if i dont need to.
    I've got to agree with what everyone said about December weather in Florida, so even though you were hoping you wouldn't have to cart a sweater around, I think you'll need it.

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    Ok, I'm a born and raised SOUTH Floridian, where it's 80 degrees everyday. I'll give the you the best advice, believe me. First off it depends on where your coming from, if you coming from a normally chilly state don't bother with hoodies or anything, it won't get too cold for you. Second off DO NOT WEAR BIKE SHORTS AND NEON COLOR TANKS! Wear some cargo shorts with big pockets and a t-shirt, your not going to the desert bud. Here's a thread I posted a while back it has some fashion NO-NO's for the parks in it. And third off the coldest it could get the first week of December is like 70, MAYBE! Bring MAYBE one hoodie or sweater, but you'll most likely won't use it. NO FANNY PACKS!!!! That's why cargo shorts with big side pockets are perfect, believe me. Thank you.
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    I'm always cold, so I almost always have a sweater with me. I usually carry a small backpack around with me (instead of a pocketbook) so there's always room for a sweater! Bring a light sweater, or a light hoodie. If it happens to rain, it's easiest to just buy a disney poncho while your there. It depends on your normal body-temperature, but the temperature outside and the inside air conditioned air is always unpredictable - it's better to have and not need than to need and not have
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    well i usually go to WDW in the summer or spring but one year we decided to go for Christmas and it was a record low of about 20 degrees outside NO JOKE!!!! it was all over the news and everything!!!! being from new england you would think me and my family would be okay with the cold weather but we had jackets pants sweatshirts and even little thin mittens on!!! it was crazy and all the cms originally from the south were so cold they looked like eskimos!!! lol so most definetly watch the weather you dont want it to be a record low like i had and have only tshirts and shorts in your bag lol!!!!
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    It depends on what your used to normally and what sort of temp your coming from, i think. I normally wear shorts, even when its getting chilly outside. If you wear capris or pants when its warm, then go with that. Just make sure you have shoes you can walk a lot in. THats probably the most important part.
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