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Miscellaneous Discuss Just saw this on yahoo in the News & Rumors forums; I do not no the whole story, but even when Disney is not involved, something that has there property on it is. Suit over socks costs school $95,000 - Yahoo! ...
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    Just saw this on yahoo

    I do not no the whole story, but even when Disney is not involved, something that has there property on it is.

    Suit over socks costs school $95,000 - Yahoo! News
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    dress codes are dumb anyways

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    I think that's insane that the parents sued.....I'm sure they were aware of the rules. Why do so many people think they are above the rules?

    I teach at a school with a dress code this year......I love it! I never have to worry about students dressing inappropriately. EVER
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    It won't let me see it, what did it say?

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    Well, the parents and child should have read the schools rule book.

    I went to a school with a dress code. We could wear only solid colors too, except Fridays we could wear whatever we wanted (within reason). Could have been avoided if they'd just read.

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    This article does not say whether the parents had signed a dress code agreement, or what the dress code was, but I think the parents were being silly and ridiculous. It is just a pair of socks let them wear them at home.

    My DD goes to a school with a strict dress code (private Christian school) and I love it. They even have to wear bike shorts under their skirts to avoid exposure on the playground and they all look so cute dressed like little adults.

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    If parents used some disgression in what they buy for their kids to wear, dress codes wouldn't be necessary. I saw an adult the other day with a t-shirt on in WDW that was very much on the edge of being rude. The word that that was being hinted at was a 4-letter word, and you knew what was being hinted. I thought it was in poor taste to wear it to a famiy theme park.
    As for the school - If you want to change the rules of your school, then get a petition going and do it without bringing the whole thing to court. Surely the dress coed was spelled out in the school handbook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ERich2010 View Post
    dress codes are dumb anyways
    Exactly. As a school board member of a public, elementary district we were very careful not to introduce any policy that was dumb or might be lost in court. Just because we voted to make it policy doesn't mean it will hold up when challenged, as is this case. Can you imagine the judge looking a the school district attorney having to explain why Winnie the Pooh shouldn't be allowed on ones person but is in the Media Center books. Duh. It is the board members who create odd policy and equally odd administrators that at times go a bit overboard. I would be humiliated to discuss at an open meeting why one our administrators chose to go down that path. But someone wrote that policy and I bet the judge would like an explanation from those board members. Our dress code, Modest and must not interfere with the educational process in any way or disrupt the business of education. Winnie socks would be welcome. Thought for the day: People with power should think twice before using it. This would be a prime example.

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